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So, I'm in the US for work, so I decide to buy some ZEN26 switches to fill out my crappy Zwave coverage.

When I get home, I only have a few days, so the day before I leave, I install all the switches, and program them. When I'm in bed, can't help but notice the lights are VERY slightly flickering. I check all the other lights I've installed, all flickering.

Is this a thing with the ZEN26 switches? In my bedroom, the switch controls 3x 9w LEDs. In the garage, a single 16w LED. In the kitchen, an LED lightstrip.

All 3 have neutral, so since this is a switch, it's just a simple relay. How is it possible there is parasitic draw happening from the switch? Is Zooz just trying to make the switches draw as much power as possible? Do I somehow have 3 defective switches?

Very odd.

Did you have smart switches or dumb switches in these places before?

It is possible that you are getting induced power from an adjacent wire or wires. This could happen if these particular circuits ran a distance along other wires in a bundle, typically between the panel in one corner of the house to the other corner for the kitchen. The longer the distance they are run together, the more likely wires are to pick up these phantom voltages.

Bottom item in this article:

Dumb switches. Induced load is impossible, since it wasn't happening before. There is a chance I somehow wired all 3 lights incorrectly, but I doubt it. I will test when I get home.

It sounds like the lights you're using with the ZEN26 may be incompatible. The ZEN26/ZEN27 models leave some current flowing through the circuit even in the off position to accommodate the 3-way solution - they depend on current readings to change and maintain status. This may sometimes cause a glowing effect for selected low-voltage lights. It doesn't happen very often so it's strange that you would see it on 3 different lights.
I recommend getting in touch with our support so they can recommend a couple of solutions here depending on the details of your set-up.


I find it odd as well. I will contact support and see what options I have.

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I have found Zooz support to be very helpful in the past. At one point I needed a specific version of there firmware, they provided that and loaned me a Zwave USB stick to apply it. The only negative I have for there products is the ZEN23, I had several of them fail mechanically, they still worked by ZWave control but the mechanical switch part would fail. I've since replaced most of them with ZEN26's, ZEN27's and ZEN30's. No issues.

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They were quick to get back to me on this request, so that's really good. Waiting on what the resolution they might have, but if their function is to bypass the relay to sip power through the lights, I have little hope there will be a silver bullet, but maybe?

If I need to replace them, I guess ill need to find a manufacturer that doesn't do this.

If they need to be replaced, then our ZEN21 and ZEN22 switches work differently in 3-way's and don't need that current to flow so these models will work just fine for you. Worst case scenario, we can swap them out for you if needed.

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Is there a configuration parameter to disable this for installs that don't have 3 way circuits?

I've got 3 ZEN Double Switches in the house, all control a light/fan combo with the same exact lights installed, one of them shows this bleeding/on behaviors as well.

Is there some way to turn off the "looking for 3 way" functionality?

Damn, I've gotten so used to this that I kind of gave up that there is anything I could possibly do to fix it

With the ZEN S2 turned off

I know in some cases, that things like the Aeotec bypass load resistor is recommended to fix this on other manufacturers devices. Does Zooz recommend this type of device?

If so, that sure seems like that would be easier than changing switches, or taking a risk that a different switch would fix it.



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The ZEN30 Double Switch doesn't work this way and we haven't seen this on any other ZEN30 yet so this may be a different issue. I'd recommend getting in touch with our support to troubleshoot this further. If you send us the model and brand of the bulbs and any additional information about the set-up (if it was ever controlled by a remote before), we should be able to assist here.

Absolutely, using a dummy load like that could definitely help mitigate these issues. Sometimes using a different bulb or just changing to the ZEN21/ZEN22 model may be easier though.

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