Zooz Zen25

I bought zooz Zen25 receptacles. I want to be able to control them individually. Simple automation turn on/off. Also I have 3 of these and when added to device list they all show up as Zooz Double Plug-left outlet and right outlet. How to differenciate between them?

I have read your post a few times now and I am trying to understand your question. You mean you included all three and you didn’t name them as you included them? If so, you can go in the device page for each device and give them all individual labels. Or are you saying that the child devices are all called the same thing? You can label the child devices as well. I think this is most important since I never addressed the parent device in any of my automations.

I have to caution you. If you are using a C7 hub, these devices to not play well. I had two of them up to very recent on my C7 and @bobbyD helped me diagnose that they were in fact bogging down my zwave mesh.

There is a thread on that. I will find the link.

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Note - I had followed the suggestions on this thread to minimize power reporting and had set parameter 18 to 1.

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Here are some screenshots. Inorder to make them individual am I supposed to make them child and name them individually?

Aren't they child devices now or am I going crazy? The left and right outlet are child devices of Receptacle #2.

Same with the name, they are named individually Zooz Double Plug-left outlet and Zooz Double Plug-right outlet.

So what do you think should be different?

I got it to work. Of course, it was my fault not labeling the plugs properly but all good now.

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