Zooz Zen22 3.0 Slow Response vs GE Z-Wave Plus and Zen26 2.0

Devices : HE, Zen22 3.0, GE 14291, Zen26 2.0

After a fresh hub reboot (since that's always the first advice here), I turned on three different switches in relatively close proximity. One is in my garage (GE), two are in my outside room which is attached to my garage (both Zen). Both Zen are actually installed in the same wiring box, so there is no different in Z-Wave signal/mesh between them.

GE 14291:

Consistently, this Zen22 takes ~1-1.5 seconds (though often longer) to turn on. The GE and Zen26 seem to take on the order of a couple hundred ms.

Is anyone with Zen22 3.0 seeing similar? Should I be using a different driver?

The ZEN22 is a dimmer so it waits for the transition to complete before sending the report.

I believe that delay was necessary for the older firmware, but it might not be for the latest version.

Nope, the delay is normal, v3.0 are scene whatever is the name, so they wait a little because they can be double tapped for different commands, I have v2 and v3 and the difference is noticeable when turning on the light.

Why would a digital command be waiting for other presses or holds? All the logs I showed were digital command β€œOn” from the devices page of the hub.

It doesn't, but central scene is the reason for the delayed reports for physical control.

When the device is controlled digitally it waits until the transition is finished before it sends the final report to the hub and if the driver requests a report while it's transitioning then the device sends the current value instead of the target value so you can't tell if the command worked as expected until the transition is finished.

That behavior varies based on the firmware version (20.15, 1.06, 1.07, 3.01, 3.02, or 3.05) and whether you're turning it on, off, or changing the level...

The newer versions of the basic and switch multilevel z-wave command classes have a "targetValue" attribute in their reports which would solve the delay issue, but I don't believe the ZEN22 supports those command class versions.

Long story short, if you set the ramp rate setting to 1 second then the state change delay should always be less than 2 seconds.

A custom driver written for a specific firmware version of the ZEN22 could probably make it report as quickly as those other devices, but the built-in driver works with all firmware versions of the ZEN22, ZEN24, and ZEN27...

Thanks for the detailed reply.

Given the report of the state change, is it normal though to still not even see the light beginning to turn on for at least a second?

I still feel an appreciable delay between events, though without a synchronized stopwatch it's hard for me to see where the delay is, because the rule is really triggered off a door lock and so when I open the door isn't necessarily when the door lock reports "open".

I might be confusing two issues with each other, but it certainly feels like during that second I don't even see it ramping up. I will have to take a laptop outside and play around with it to see where the real delay lies.

Appreciate the info!

The bulb and z-wave mesh can cause a delay, but having it always take more than 1 second to see the light turn on when ramp rate is set to 1 second seems excessive...

I've seen some dimmable bulbs that don't produce visible light until they reach a certain level so if you can't see the light when it's below 10% then it would appear to have more of a delay when you turn it on because you wouldn't see anything until it transitions above 10%.

That's something you can easily test because you'd also have a delay when turning it on with the paddle and the light would appear off when you set it to 1%.

If you've added/removed some powered devices and haven't performed a z-wave repair then the delay might be a routing issue and running a repair might help.