Zooz zen20 V1 not reporting status

I search and read for a few weeks but seem like I'm the only one with this problem, hope there's a way to fix it.
I have 3 zooz power strip V1 that stop updating status, turn on and off work fine just not reporting status until i click on refresh on both C5 & C7 firmware 224 or newer reverse back to firmware 223 and everything work fine, does anybody have this problem or i did something wrong.

I have a v1 and a v2 of this strip and assumed my v1 was working correctly until you mentioned this. I just checked and see that the child devices are not reporting on/off as a result of either physical or digital changes, though a "Refresh" does grab the correct states. Interestingly, my device list also doesn't show the child/component devices in the list on the "Devices" page, even though it does for my v2 and even though they do show up under the "Component devices" section on the device page as expected.

I think when hubitat fix the double report on v2 they kill the report on v1

I just noticed that my Aeon powerstrip also is no longer reporting on/off status of its outlets. Maybe some Z-Wave change broken the drivers for both the Zooz and Aeon.

Power reporting has never seemed to work well for the Aeon devices; really unfortunate that they don't even report their states correctly (refresh on the Aeon doesn't seem to do anything).

Was there any a solution for this? I have this issue where the status doesn’t update for child devices on v1. It displays correct status if I refresh

Just moved my Zen20 v1 to my new C7 hub and noticed the same thing, child devices work but don't update status until I refresh.

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