ZOOZ ZEN17 as a watchdog switch?

I have seen a few lockups on my C8 and am looking for a way to put a watchdog timer on the hub power input.
The ZOOZ ZEN17 was on sale for $22 and has some settings that might work as a watchdog timer, so I ordered one to experiment with.
Has anyone tried this before?

My thought is to set the switch to shut off after 30 min without a "on" command and set the hub to send an "on" command every 15 min. The switch would be set to turn back on 5 min after the off is processed.

I for one think it's a good idea. If the hub is totally unresponsive and you're not there, you don't have too many options.

Of course the best would be to do a controlled shutdown.

Maybe a controlled shutdown before it gets to the lock down stage would be best. If low memory is the cause, that's possible. If not, ?

Maybe best would be a first option of controlled shutdown, based on zwave or zigbee crash or low memory, watchdog turns it back on. If not controlled, watchdog still turns it back on, albeit with more risk of corruption. I like it.

this may be a silly question, but you do have another hub to manage the Zen17, right?

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Agree, this is too much logic for what the switch can handle on its own. You would need a second hub of some type.

This isn't normal. It would be better to fix this than to continually yank power from the hub, which has the possibility of corrupting the memory. I was too lazy to look through your post history, but it would be a good idea to post your issues, errors and any other pertinent logs, what you have tried, and maybe someone can spot what is going on.

Turn on the zen17 via zwave. Zen17 does an auto on in x minutes. Actually you could do this with a zen04 which also does auto on, especially if you have the hub plugged into an outlet of some sort. I'm messing with 12volts, so harder.

Hi, I only have the one hub. I am counting on using the built in switch control and timers built into the relay.
I will have to test the relay and geet it setup before I use it to interrupt the 5v to the hub.

Hi, I would love to have it fixed. I am one of a few who have been posting the same issues with the C8. I had a C5 for years and did not have any lock up issues.

That is what I would have to do because of my battery backup deal.
I bet you could use a ZEN04 plug and use the auto on feature.
Just plug in the transformer for the hub to it.

I just tried with a ZEN04 and I re-read the ZEN17's advanced settings, and I don't think it can be done with those devices. Auto on or auto off, is a physical thing. Auto off is x hrs, minutes, or seconds from when the relay is actually, physically turned on. I don't think there's a way around it. I could be wrong.