Zooz zen16 relay status out of date in Hubitat C-8

Zooz zen16 multirelay individual relay status not being updated in Hubitat C-8 after relay is switched on/off by Hubitat. Also not being updated after clicking on/off on device webpage for individual relays. Device webpage for individual relays require 'refresh' click to update Hubitat's status.
Latest firmware v1.20 in zen16, latest firmware in Hubitat ( Platform Version Hardware Version Rev C-8)
Multiple zen16 behave the same way,
Is this a known problem? @Hubitat_Staff

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I can’t even pair my zen16 with my C-8. It failed when I migrated from C-7, and while I got it to exclude, I cannot get it to reinclude. :confused:

I contacted zooz and they didn’t have a c-8 at the time. Some others have had similar issues with other devices.

For now, all we can do is wait for @Hubitat_Staff to chime in with a fix. I assume there’s some bug with 800 series firmware.

That’s strange. I have a Zen16 which I migrated to a C-8 hub. It migrated without any problem. I am using it to control our garage door and it is working without any issues.


I recently had to reset and re-add (used the replace function) a Zen16 after it stopped responding on a C7. It took a few factory resets, power resets, and retries to get it to include again from my garage, which is not close to the hub. I was able to update firmware on it, after a power reset to the device. It's working fine now, but it was not a simple task to get it working again. Not sure if that helps, but you may want to power it off for 30 seconds, factory reset, and try and include it again.

Did you ever get this working?
I have zen16 v1.2. c-8 hub. Status indication on relay 1-3 do not report unless refresh is manually clicked.

No, we didn't get the zen16 units to work with Hubitat. ZERO support from "Hubitat Staff"... their "platform support" model is a bit of a joke. We also had issues with a couple other devices, so...

We ended-up switching to a Zooz Z-box hub for that project with the zen16 units, and reused the Hubitat somewhere else with only a couple of simple devices.

While I am sure staff tries to read every thread, the probably cannot. I am not sure that the "hubitat staff" tag reaches any particular person, or whether it is even an official tag they use to monitor the forums.

More typical is the use of "Support" or "Support_Team".

That said, I don't think this is a known issue. I have only heard of these couple reports of things in this one thread. I would suspect things like a poor mesh, ghosts, or other issues rather than a driver for when things suddenly quit working like this.

Could be a configuration issue. You could try my driver I just published which exposes all of the settings, not sure if they are all there on the system driver. I know there are a few newer ones that won't be on the system driver.

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