Zooz zen16 problem

I have a zooz zen16 multirelay that works great other than once in a while the relays will register a physical event but I do not have any of the switch inputs used?

Has anyone else experienced this? @agnes.zooz

Adding a little more info, all three relays changed state at the same time and registered physical events. Don't know if it was a coincidence but in the logs this happened at the same time I was updating HPM apps.

if you go to the parent device, do you have the manual control enabled?

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I disabled all of the manual control in the parent after it happened a while back and thought that cured it but apparently not.

The weird thing is that all 3 relays switched states at the same time, the relays that were off turned on and the relays that were on turned off. All three relays are controlled by three seperate rules as well.

The only thing I can think of is it power cycled somehow? But I have the power restore settings set to go back to the same state they were at before power down.

@agnes.zooz can you confirm that the only way to get a "physical" event (vs "digital" ) is to use the switch inputs? Nothing is wired to these inputs. Automations register as "digital" events as well as dashboard and device page control.

I think that this could also be triggered by the internal timer of the device. Have you checked that there aren't any timers enabled here or if you haven't associated the ZEN16 (specifically the parent device since all 3 relays are affected) with another Z-Wave device that's triggering the relays?

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Thanks for the reply, no associations and all timers are disabled in the parent device.

Hi @jasonbalsor. I have four of these, and I haven't noticed this. It doesn't mean it isn't happening in my system. I just haven't noticed a message like that. Does it happen at a consistent time of day?

@agnes.zooz These are really nice. I do wish there was a version with more contacts and not relays.

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No not consistent or frequent, but for no obvious reason.

Would you be able to share the log of what happens right before and right after in your network when that issue occurs?

Thank you for the feedback, we'll see what we can do! :wink:

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I will next time it happens for sure. its been overwritten in the logs now. I did have a look and it happened in the middle of updating an app in Hubitat Package Manager. pretty sure that was a coincidence tho.

A couple things I have tried and will report back, I removed the 3 relay devices from google home app and have changed the power loss parameter to turn all relays off instead of resume.

any other insight would be appreciated. Does the physical button on the relay box do anything? it was gently pressed up against some wires but I dont think hard enough to push it?

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