Zooz ZEN15 firmware upgrade


Zooz has a firmware upgrade for the ZEN15 switch (version 1.3).

The major change is that it allows for disabling power changes on the physical unit. There are 2 issues:

  1. The ability to disable the manual (physical) power switch is not yet part of the native Hubitat driver. It's parameter 30 (and part of this ST driver) SmartThings/zooz-power-switch.groovy at master · krlaframboise/SmartThings · GitHub

  2. After updating the firmware the switch did not respond correctly to commands from the hub nor did it reflect the proper firmware version on the device page. I wasn't able to get the switch to work properly without removing and re-including.

UPDATE: This firmware is not working with my dryer. It shuts off within 5 seconds of starting. Not a Hubitat issue as the condition exists even when not connected via Z-wave

UPDATE: there is a new, fixed firmware that works as expected, including physical button lockout.


Interesting update (not sure why I'd want to disable the power switch on a smart plug; have they enabled this for their in-wall switches yet where I'd actually see some use case--e.g., smart switch with a smart bulb?), but good to know.

However, how do people actually update the firmware on these things? Hubitat can't do it, and I don't think ST can do OTA updates for Z-Wave devices. It looks they have a newer hardware revision that might come with these features stock, but it definitely also sounds possible given both what peple have been saying and the text/hints on the Zooz website. Unfortunately, that's about where they stop, as the website says only "Firmware Updates: The latest over-the-air upgrade method will keep it up to date." Uhh, great. :laughing:


The major reason for disabling the physical switch is for power monitoring use cases. Don't want to turn off the washer, dryer, refrigerator accidentally where the switch is easily accessible.

Updating firmware is a bit of a PITA.

  1. Request firmware from Zooz. They were very responsive.
  2. Download and install Z-Wave - PC controller from Zooz on a Windows PC (How to Perform an OTA Firmware Update on Zooz Devices - Zooz). Note that this program is newer and appears to be a good replacement for Zensys tools.
  3. Shut down HE hub
  4. Insert HE Z-Wave stick into PC
  5. Update firmware
  6. Re-place the stick in the HE hub and restart

And for me, at least 7) remove and re-pair switches.


Update - there is a new build of the 1.3 firmware. It now works as expected. Contact Zooz (ask@getzooz.com) to request it.

To use the physical switch lockout you must use the basic z-wave tool to set parameter 30 to 0. The HE driver does not currently the lockout as a controllable parameter.


Hope I'm in the right place for my first post.
Zooz Zen15. Firmware 1.3. Want to upgrade to 2.0. I see here it's possible to update firmware OTA, but the instructions list a Z-Wave USB and a 'dedicated' PC. Is it possible to update OTA? If not, what is a 'dedicated' PC?


Zooz support is fantastic and provides instructions on their website if you haven't seen them yet and usually offer the same via email, which you'll need to do anyway since that's the only way they offer the firmware. As you've discovered, Hubitat can't do OTA updates at the moment. But I'm not sure why they said "dedicated" PC--any one you have that can run the software they recommend (and possibly anything else that supports the same) will work. If you're lucky enough to have a hub with an external/USB Z-Wave stick, it's pretty easy once you identify which node ID your device is. Otherwise, you'll need to temporarily pair it to one (pretty sure Zooz will even loan you one) and then put it back on Hubitat.