Zooz Zen06 light ring won't turn off

Anyone else have a zen06 and been able to turn the light ring off? I have the power consumption indicator set to show for 5 seconds, but it still never goes off. I've also tried Mike Maxwell's z-wave parameter tool and set parameter 27 to 1 (which the setting below should do) and it didn't make a difference.

I'm using the built-in "Zooz Power Switch" driver.

Have you tried to hit the Configure box? I have mine set the way you do and I think I remember that I had to do that.

I tried configuring it and I toggled the settings back and forth a few times, no dice. Does your model have the same firmware version (1.3)?

I think you have found the problem. My firmware is 1.2. So whatever they did in 1.3 has broke that configuration.

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