Zooz Zen 24 V3 - cannot turn on/off without hitting refresh

Not sure what is going but I have a Zooz Zen24 dimmer - On the device page I click on "on" and then click "refresh" and then the device turns "on". Same for off. If I do nothing then it remains in the original "on" or "off" state. Debug shows "on" when I click "on" but nothing happens. If I do it from Node-RED (via Maker) then it gets weirder. I added a simple "refresh" command to the end of my "on/off" command on my dashboard. When I turn it on it goes for a bit but eventually turns on. When I turn it off it does the same and then reports the level at 83%.. (99% was original)

I am sure the mesh is decent and other Zooz switches/dimmers surround this one and they all work as expected. This dimmer has been upgraded to the latest firmware (4.1) as have some others. I've included and excluded a few times including after the firmware update. Also I have shutdown/pulled the plug/started up again after 30 secs or so.

Edit: Repair works okay but I am noticing 9.6 kbps which seems slow given the Zen23 V3 switch right next to it in the plastic outlet box is running at 100 kbps. I may try and exclude/include again just to be sure.

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