Zooz Zen 15 power value 366503875.925 W?

I have a Zooz Zen 15 outlet on my crawlspace sump pump, with some RM rules to show me last run time and number of runs per day.

It's been reporting 0 for months now (dry season) but yesterday it finally ran once, however the power reported is far higher than I expected, so I'm wondering if it's a driver issue or truly some issue with the device.

366503875.925 doesnt strike me as as valid value...


It's possible, it's in the crawlspace, at the extreme north end of my house. The closest Zwave switch is 20 feet south, on the main floor, 2 rooms away.

If that's the case I suppose I should be happy it reported a change at all... :slight_smile: Time to install another switch closer to that end of the house and do some testing.

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you guys live on the sun and in space, extreme hot and cold xD

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I've had a Zen 15 for about a year. I noticed a very high powerH once, but not nearly as high as yours. It was only about 5,000 W. It clearly wasn't a valid value. I went to the device detail page and clicked on Reset Power. I've haven't seen a very high value since then.

The weird thing is that the device is showing a current of 0.000, presumably in amps. High and low current values are also 0.000 which means the pump has not been running. The voltage is ranging from 120.076 - 122.255 volts. The power should be the current times the voltage. Since the current is zero, the power should be zero. Since the current power and the low power are zero, they are correct. The high power reading is obviously wrong. It is probably an error in transmission.

I suggest getting a Z-wave repeater/range extender and put it as close as possible in the room right above the sump pump. I have a couple of the ZEN15 power reporting switches (one on my washer and one on my backup sump pump). Reliable operation requires a good signal connection. You might even find that moving the position of the switch a few inches might help. Try to keep it as far away from metal objects as possible.

Thanks, yes, I plugged in a ZW outlet in the room yesterday, almost directly over the sump, and now I'm just waiting for another run to compare values.

Did you ever figure this out? I am also getting crazy high readings periodically. The ZEN15 is within 10ft of the Hubitat.

I wonder how hard it would be to adjust the driver to ignore values outside of a likely range.

Plugging in the ZW outlet in the room directly above the sump seemed to do the trick, it's been reliably reporting real data since then.

Thanks! I don't know much about the ZWave protocol, but I would think it would have some checksum value or error detection in packets...so the error would have originated from the ZEN15 vs. getting "scrambled" in the air or something. I wonder if it is impacting the total energy utilization recorded on the device itself...will have to test.

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