Zooz ZAC93 800 series, long range GPIO module

Adding this to the lounge out of ignorance. I am not even sure how to use this, but it sure seems cool.

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I have a secondary z-wave network on Home Assistant Yellow using this GPIO module. It has worked well with ~25 devices I have on it, ranging from 100-series devices to 700-series outlets.

Home Assistant Device Bridge makes it easy to bring devices paired to HA back into Hubitat for automation. If you decide to use HA as your z-wave controller, I recommend this module highly.


It has basically the same uses as an external USB Z-Wave stick, except this one is designed to connected to the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi (and possibly similar pin-compatible boards) instead of via USB. There are/were a few older products like this one, too. What makes this one particularly interesting to me is that it's the first 800-series device I've seen on the market.

It's also the most confidently-worded marketing I've seen on Z-Wave Long Range, though 700-series controllers and devices can technically support that too, though I'm not aware of there being any Long Range devices out there right now to actually use (Ecolink got a garage door opener certified a while back, but I'm not sure it's ever been available anywhere). But if/when that catches on, that could be cool too -- even if that's nothing particular to this particular controller.

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