Zooz Z-WAVE Plus Q Sensor - ZSE11

I see the new Zooz Multisensor is out. It is supposed to do motion, temp, humidity and light. Supposed to have a very quick motion sensor and when powered by USB acts as a repeater. Here are the bullets from the website:

. Beta release:** you may need to update the firmware in the near future to get full functionality of your device; the device may not be fully compatible with your hub at the time of this release.
. Security monitoring:** get motion alerts sent to your Z-Wave hub whenever activity is detected
. Climate control:** use this sensor to trigger your smart thermostat or humidifier based on regular precise temperature and humidity readings

. Smart lighting:** program your Z-Wave switches and smart bulbs to come on when the Q sensor reports motion and luxlevels below your preferred set point

. Power it with 2 CR 123A batteries (included) or a micro USB cable (sold separately, scroll down to shop)

. Works as Z-Wave signal extender when powered via USB (do NOT pair the sensor on USB cable and then switch to batteries)
. Z-Wave Plus chip with S2 Authenticated security

. SmartStart for easier and safer pairing
. Advanced settings to customize your sensor
. Modern minimal design with a multi-directional mini mounting bracket

. 1-year warranty

Looks like it is available for $26 which seems cheap to me.

I've got one in my cart, wondering if anyone got a unit to test before the announcement. @bcopeland maybe?

I just bought one to try.... Will see when it arrives. The price was good compared to other multi sensors even though they dinged me for $5 shipping.

It doesn't seem to be a 700 series chip, which I find a little surprising.

I have a few of the older sensor and I've really liked them but haven't ordered more because of some of the compatibility issues and the issues people are reporting with their mesh.

It says that it IS Z-Wave plus....

"The latest S2 security and Z-Wave Plus chip"

@agnes.zooz Are you able to confirm if this is using the 500 series or 700 series?

Maybe you're right. It just doesn't specifically say 700 series though like the product pages for their other new hardware does.

FYI, the product page says:


  • Z-Wave Chip: 500 series
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Thanks. That was added after the questions here. :slight_smile:

As a thought, the new Ring G2 motion detectors are 700 series. What's nice about the Ring G2 Motion Sensors is they support the FLIRs technology - (Frequently Listening Receiver technology) that means they keep listening for commands and don't need to "wake up" to change configuration parameter or do any other maintenance (e.g., a Repair) which puts them in the lead for me.

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Then thank you for prompting the update, :wink:

new Ring G2 motion detectors are 700 series. Do you know if they will work with Hubitat??

They absolutely work and work well. I give them very high marks. Before buying these, I checked out the other 700 series motion sensors on the Z-wave Alliance web site. These were the only ones I found that supported the FLIRS technology so you could have them on battery power and didn't need to use a wake-up to configure them. (see: https://products.z-wavealliance.org/Search/DoAdvancedSearch?productName=&productIdentifier=&productDescription=&category=-1&brand=-1&regionId=2&zwavePlus2Only=on&supportsS2=on&supportsSmartStart=on&zwaveNewTech=on&order=)

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I'm having second thoughts about getting these and just waiting for a 700 series motion sensor. I looked at the Ring V2, but I wanted one that also did temp and humidity. I don't know if it makes sense to order a handful of new 500 series devices when more and more 700 series stuff is coming out.

I get the feeling this is actually just a refresh of the existing 4-in-1 that they have to fix some of the compatibility issues it's been having.

Has anyone gotten this sensor to work in Hubitat yet? When i add it to dashboad i get "Uknown". I set it to "Multi Sensor". It gives me the temperature in the top left but nothing else.

I haven't received mine yet... it's on the way

This template was really meant for devices more like the SmartThings MultiSensor, where contact (open/close) is the primary function. Try the motion template or whatever else exposes the attributes you want to see.

The other issue, of course, is whether the device works at all. I'm not sure if 2.2.6 has a driver, but if you didn't notice any problems there, I suppose it must (I think I saw this in the release notes a while back and had no idea what the devices was yet). The issue you've described is just a Dashboard issue, most likely.

Cool i'll try another template. The device definitely is working. When i go directly to the device it gives me all of the detail.

I see Zooz Q Sensor ZSE11 on the Type list for system drivers and can confirm we had sent it out for integration a while ago so it should be working. Let me know if you run into any specific issues though!

The Q Sensor is a completely different product, it was just too late in the development to change the platform to the 700.

The ZSE40 will get a 700 refresh later this year so hopefully that will resolve any of the S0 issues we've seen on C7 :see_no_evil:


Just got my Q sensor ZSE11, included it and I'm not showing motion in the current status, and there are no motion events recorded. It does show battery humidity illuminance and temperature. I'm on a C-7 with firm ware and using the Zooz Q Sensor ZSE11 device type