Zooz Titan water valve and HomeKit

I just got a Zooz Titan and installed it along with a Zooz ZSE42 water leak sensor. On the Hubitat side, everything went great and it’s easy to set up an automation where a leak detection will automatically close the valve.

But when I added the two items to HomeKit, even though they are recognized as devices, something seems off when I try to set up an similar automation on the HK side. The leak sensor does not show up as something that can trigger an automation, and the valve state cannot be set as the result of an automation.

Does anyone else have these devices and also use HomeKit? I’d like to know if this is a limitation of the bridge functionality, HK, or if I’m just doing something wrong.

I have both of those devices integrated to HK using Homebridge, not the system integration.
If I go to my room with the leak sensor and tap on it in the top status bar, within the device page I have an option "Add Automation" where I can do an automation if it detects a leak.

I did click next and same as you, the valve is not presented as an option to control. I guess Apple does not want you to automate turning off the water? Its their logic of saving people from their own stupidity which limits the abilities for advanced users.

Just curious though why would you want to relay on the info being relayed to HK to trigger an automation? It would be much more reliable to program it on HE directly.

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Thanks for the response. My experience is similar to yours; the valve does not seem controllable. As I implied, I have it set up in Hubitat and that’s really all I need. I don’t NEED to use HomeKit, and in fact am not really interested in doing so. But the fact that neither device CAN be automated properly in HomeKit seems like a problem to me. I just don’t know where the problem lies. As a workaround, I could probably set up a virtual switch.

I can manually control the water valve in HK, just not in an automation apparently.

Does your leak sensor show up as a leak sensor at all?

Yes it does. But if I go to automations and add a new automation, and choose the category “when a sensor detects something”, it doesn’t show up as an option. if I go to the settings of the sensor and choose Add Automation as you did, then I can do it but the valve is not an option to control. It’s strange.

Yeah that's the same as what I am getting using Homebridge, so its not the Hubitat integration causing the issue. I would suspect it is a limitation of the HK automations (probably on purpose).