Zooz switch not responding to off command

Having trouble with a Zooz Zen24 intermittently not turning off when told to.
See the following log entries showing it turning off correctly at 11:00pm, back on at 6:00am, but ignoring the off at 7:29. The next event is 35 secs later, well after the typical 1 sec response time.
It missed the same Off request the day before. It had been working prior to that. It is commanded from two Simple Lighting rules.
Any idea why it is missing the command?

app:702020-01-24 07:29:35.302 am infoGoing Out Triggered
app:702020-01-24 07:29:35.268 am infoGoing Out: Bills Phone presence not present
app:382020-01-24 07:29:00.166 am infoTurn On Driveway Lights at Sunset -20 minutes anti-Turn On
dev:662020-01-24 06:00:01.323 am infoDriveway Lights switch is on
dev:662020-01-24 06:00:01.322 am infoDriveway Lights switch is on
app:392020-01-24 06:00:00.117 am infoTurn Off Driveway Lights at 11PM, On at 6AM anti-Turn Off
dev:662020-01-23 11:00:01.415 pm infoDriveway Lights switch is off
app:392020-01-23 11:00:00.138 pm infoTurn Off Driveway Lights at 11PM, On at 6AM Turn Off

A little further testing. I broke up one of the rules into separate On/Off rules, and it stopped working on both Off requests. I also tried turning it off, this morning, from my dashboard, and the switch would not respond, just dwelled on the hourglass. I double tapped the switch Off/On/Off, and then it started working from the dashboard. All of those events logged correctly, indicating the switch is communicating with the hub. Given that, I think the problem is in the switch?

Seems to be the case. I would contact Zooz support; in my experience, they are very helpful. You should keep the model # of your switch handy, along with the approximate time-frame you purchased it - so they can identify which firmware version is on the switch.

Tagging @agnes.zooz

Thanks for the tag @aaiyar, we're troubleshooting this with @wjsnet and hope to get to the bottom of the issue asap!

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Thanks to all. Yes, I've started a parallel conversation with Zooz. Will be following up with them.

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Zooz had me reset and re-include the switch. The first morning after it had one missed Off, but since then it has been running fine.Will continue to monitor.
One thought came to mind. I have a very small system at the moment, just one Zigbee plug and the Zooz switch. I do have two other Z-wave devices that I have included, but are off the network for now. These devices have built-in network extending capabilities, and other posts indicate poorly behaving devices can interfere with that network. I'm wondering if just taking an extender device off the network could cause problems to other devices, even if the other devices did not require it for range extension.

Did you exclude the device or just unplug it? If it is the former, you should do a z-wave repair. If it is the latter, devices that can repeat should not just be unplugged. They should be unpaired and unplugged. In addition, if you move them, you should do a z-wave repair.

How do you know this?

Thanks for the input. I just unplugged them. Was just setting them up and testing with them. Guess that was not a good move. Learning. Wasn't aware of the impact on the Z-Wave network.

As for the range, the Zooz switch is within 15 feet of the hub, and is actually the closest of all of the devices.

Routes often don't go the way we envisage .....

Yeah, getting the idea routes are established sort of semi-static at the time of inclusion (?). However, I can't remember whether either of the other two devices where actually On when I included the Zooz switch. Wasn't thinking along those lines at the time.

"Warning! All values will be reset and you will have to exclude and re-add every Z-Wave device."
The Z-Wave repair seems like a drastic last resort? Glad I only have a few devices so far.


Don't do that. That's a z-wave reset. You want to do a z-wave REPAIR. See below. It's right next to Z-wave Exclude .....

I see that now. I did click the repair, but did not see the reset until after the I clicked repair. Made me think it was part of the repair process. Good. Didn't do the reset. Thanks.

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