Zooz switch/dimmer and hue bulb – reprogram buttons?

This is my first post, so I hope I’m posting to the proper topic.

I got my Hubitat a few months ago and transitioned all of existing devises from SmartThings. So I’m still learning the “Hubitat” way.

I recently added a Phillips Hue bridge and a couple of color bulbs. I’ve got them on an existing Zooz ZEN 22 wired dimmer, (yes I know that they shouldn’t be on a dimmer, but this is not going to be the permanent setup).

I’d like change how the Zooz wired dimmer functions. (I’m going to replace the dimmer with a Zooz ZEN 21 on/off switch so the dimming function will eventually not be a factor. I already have it. Just haven’t swapped it yet.)

Basically I’d like the switch to be “always on” and have the buttons send on/off commands for the hue bulb to Hubitat. The primary reason for this is when the switch is on, and the bulb is off, pushing the physical “on” button of the switch does nothing. It’s already on. The bulb has to be turned on by command, (via Hue or Hubitat), or cycling the power.

I’d also like to program multiple scenes/colors to the “on” button, (e.g. one tap for bright white, two taps for ocean colors, etc.). But I’d be happy with just on and off for now.

I don’t really want to use a “remote” device, like a Lutron pico remote. Hopefully that is not my only option to make this scenario work.

Thanks for any help. :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm confused...
You have a hue bridge
You have color bulbs, who's color bulbs?

What exactly is connected to the wiring of the Zooz dimmer?

Not possible with the Zooz switches. Inovelli are the only ones I know of that allow this (a Z-Wave parameter you can set or a special series of button taps you can perform that will configure the switch to not actually switch the power--i.e., for a switch, disable the relay--and just send commands to your Z-Wave controller you can interpret however you want).

That being said, Zooz is generally open to customer feedback, so they might be able to add this in a future firmware update if we ask nicely enough. :slight_smile: You might also be able to work around it in the meantime by wiring the line and load together. Or you could do that anyway and use any remote-type switch you want on top (Eria Dimmer, Pico remote, etc.). I know you already have a hardwired dimmer, but it sounds like you're not planning on keeping it, so your options are open...

Sorry, Philips Hue white and color ambiance E26 bulbs. Your question infers that there is a color bulb that works with the Phillips Hue bridge and/or Zooz dimmer that might do what I'm looking for. Please elaborate.

The Zooz ZEN 22 wired dimmer is connected to a ceiling light fixture that holds two A19 bulbs with an E26 base.

I hope this gives further clarification and I look forward to your answer to my situation.

Thanks for your reply @bertabcd1234. I might take a look at the Inovellis moving forward. This was more of a "can it be done" question. Like I mentioned, I already have the Zooz ZEN 21, so I was looking to use it, if it made a difference. But from your, reply it sounds like it won't.

Hopefully when @mike.maxwell reviews my responses, he may have an alternate solution.

Thanks again.

I should also tell you that their original models are all out of stock. :slight_smile: (You might be able to find them used.) New ones are due this summer, but they are completely new hardware and I'm not sure if they'll support the same features. I'm assuming so, but one of the Erics would know for sure.

I would remove the existing dimmer altogether and replace it with a button controller.


Now I'm confused.
Who's button controller?
How would it be wired to my ceiling fixture to be always on?

When removing the existing dimmer you tie the line from the dimmer and connect it to the load.
Now the ceiling fixture is hot all the time, just like an outlet.

Thank you.

Which button controller do you think is best?

Picos by a long shot, but the entry price is high.

If you don't want to go Lutron, the Eria Dimmer is a Zigbee option that also fits in a decorator plate and pairs directly to Hubitat (so no bridge = lower price of entry). I don't like the way the buttons work quite as much (have to hold it for a long time to get a "held" and only get a "released" event for holds), but it's one of few options I'm aware of that fit this bill. Otherwise, you can wait for Philips/Lutron's more expensive "over-toggle," no-rewiring dimmer to be released later this summer if it's capable of pairing with Hubitat (though it will definitely work with Hue which it sounds like you already have).

Couldn't one wire the zooz Zen21 with a common and line, and not bother connecting anything to the load? Then when the switch was toggled on or off, the events could trigger actions? The Zen presumably neither knows nor cares if it actually has a load.

Sort of a "Switch that does Nothing" except generating events.


P.S. you'd also have to connect the load of the fixture to the line as suggested earlier.

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We've already got this added to the latest firmware so if someone would like this feature, please get in touch with us first and we'll manually update prior to purchase since we're currently selling through the existing batch that doesn't have this parameter setting built-in yet.

@Dhorlo You can also just wire load to line like others have mentioned and then set-up a mirror automation between the dimmer and the bulb, we know it can be easily done on SmartThings so it should be achievable on Hubitat as well. The latest firmware also features scene control so it's essentially a Z-Wave switch and button controller in one. Feel free to get in touch with our support and request the latest firmware file for the above-mentioned features (remember to include your order number).


Fantastic news! Does this apply to all of your switches/dimmers, or just specific models?

We're applying the firmware across all models but not all of the old versions are updateable. ZEN21 and ZEN23 can be updated over the air if they're VERSION 3.0 or higher, ZEN22 and ZEN24 VER. 2.0 with a production date sticker of 0418 or higher are updateable, and all ZEN26 and ZEN27 versions can be updated over the air.


This is incredibly awesome news! I will check my switches to see what version and prod date they are to see if they are upgradeable. You guys at Zooz are great!

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Glad we could help! If you need any assistance with the wiring, feel free to reach out to our support, they will create custom instructions for you if needed so you can complete the installation quickly and safely. Good luck with the project!

I am ready to pick up a small pile of these, is the firmware ready to go on anything I order today, possibly through Amazon?

Also, I am curious if the "Dimmer" function stores/shares/updates a % that can be read by Hubitat to apply to other dimmers? If so, I'd probably prefer Dimmer model over switched, but only if I could force the "Switched load" to always be 100% on/off and the Dimmer a value stored that I can use to do smart stuff.

I'm not aware of any dimmers that work that way

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