Zooz RGBW dimmer?

Anyone using this over the fibro one? The large difference in price makes me nervous a bit. I also can't find anywhere where it says how many feet it can do.

I've been using one for about a year. No issues. I'm using it with 24V led strip. Have no feet hooked up to it.

BTW its made by Fibaro.

I've got both as well as Qubino and I pick the one to buy based on price. My largest run is 32ft (two 16' rgbw strips) and I'd wished I knew then what I know now, and would have injected 12v power in the middle of the two strips.

I plan on pulling those down and replacing them with addressable LED strips (via WLED) but somehow those 'climb a ladder 30 times' projects get pushed back.

I have 3 of the RGBW controllers in this room. One each for strips surrounding my kids monitors, which was necessary back in virtual school days. One is a Qubino, one is a Fibaro and the 3rd one is the Zooz.

The first RGBW controller I bought was the Fibaro. Then Quibino, and finally Zooz. I don't use any of the special effects so the differences between then are invisible to me.

Strangely, I'm using a FIbaro driver for the Qubino Controller. The Zooz Controller and a Fibaro Controller are using the Zooz driver.