Zooz power switch

I have a zooz power switch that I use for washer notifications. I realized today that the notifications weren’t coming. When I looked in the events for the switch I noticed that it hadn’t reported anything new since 4/19. What’s the process to get this working again?

Is it reporting switch events?

It is switching using hubitat but if I physically change the switch it is not reporting to hubitat.

I ran a zwave repair and am watching the logs while a load is going and there is nothing from the switch.

Have you tried unplugging the unit from the wall, and letting sit a couple minutes, then plugin it back in?

Unplugged and plugged back in and it’s reporting again. Is there a way to monitor for something like this?

Check out

The switch pretty quickly stopped updating again. If I hit the refresh button for the device it updates but nothing on its own. I am think I will exclude and re-include it.