ZooZ power switch v1 issues

Interesting; I tried a 3-4 times, holding as long as 40 seconds; and the led changes mentioned there never happened... that's very odd.

Oh, it says that the device can be reset only after it has been included to a z-wave network... Which means I would then be left with a ghost device in hubitat I guess... geez...

I have several of these and they work flawlessly for me with Hubitat.

If you join the device and then don't try to interact with it, does it still log a bunch of stuff?

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Yes, I kept it running for several minutes, and it kept behaving the same way; at some point I had to remove it because it was hosing my whole z-wave network...

Hubitat has a force remove option that will get rid of ghost devices so at this point it might be worth trying it just to see if that fixes the device.

It looks like the led needs to be blue when you hold it or the factory reset won't work... After holding it for about 25 seconds it shut off and I saw a message in live logging saying it was reset.

Don't know what to say... I did factory reset it; cleaned up hubitat; re-included it. Logging calmed down after a couple of minutes, and it indeed processed my on() command... but that just triggered constant notification that the device was on; off() command was ignored/lost in the noise.
In the trash it goes.

Thanks, that made it a lot easier to see that it wasn't the configuration or anything in the driver that could be causing the problem.

How close is your device to the hub?

Do you have any other zwave devices you can turn on/off to see if they're doing anything strange?

<2 feet.

Several (>10) - including ZooZ Zen23 switches; all working without complaints...

Does it freak out when you use the physical switch to operate the ZEN15.

Both of them are doing this? Now that is odd. Depending on where you purchased I'd look to return them as defective.

Yeah, both; I bought them from thesmartesthouse.com - as I did with many other devices. I'll contact them and let them know; the only problem is that I purchased them 6 months ago "for future developments"...

I'm out of ideas so you should contact them and you might want to include a link to this topic.

The Smartest House owns Zooz so it being 6 months after you bought it might not matter.

ZEN15 - so, you mean the power switch, not the Zen23 I mentioned in the quote you included; honestly, I didn't try.

Yes, the ZEN15.

When operated programmatically the driver sets the value (on/off) and then requests a report to make sure it changed. It looks like the first set works, but the device sends tons of reports back which essentially kills the device.

When operated physically the device sends the report on its own so I was just curious if it just sent one report like it's supposed to or if it has the same problem.

Got it; I may give it one last test at some point, and I'll let you know the answer.
Thanks for all the help.

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I know my washer and dryer aren't the most efficient appliances on the market, but sheesh :rofl: :

Device page for ZEN15 (Washer):


Device page for ZEN15 (Dryer):


Using the built-in Zooz Power Switch driver; these are the first versions of the switch with the straight plug connectors.

Using these for my laundry piston:


Something is very wrong with those High Amp and high Watt readings. Here is mine running a space heater in my office, that been installed for 2 weeks. Mine has the 45 degree angle plug.


Yup ... had the same problem on ST, too ... may be a firmware issue. The High values get updated even when the appliances aren't being used. On ST, I was getting on()/off() events when the switches were already on/off, respectively.

We thought it was a random ST issue that was affecting a few users, but since users are seeing it on this platform too it has to be a firmware issue.

I made my ST handler ignore values over 2000W, 150V, and 18A.

Is it OK if I make the change mentioned above to my Zooz Power Switch driver?