Zooz power strip

The driver has an option for:

Event History Size (1-2000) and it defaults to 100. Not sure exactly how that works and what it's purpose is.

It's an option for the parent and all 5 child devices. Also my Inovelli NZW37 has the same option.


This is a new feature in the most recent firmware update (or at least one of the fairly recent ones, and it may have previously been hidden under the surprisingly-clickable "Advanced" heading). What it does is determine how many events get saved for the device's event history in Hubitat's database. You can see past events for any particular device by going to the "Events" button/tab on the device page:


To be clearer, an event is generally any time a device reports a new value (or less commonly, another report of the same value, most famously with button devices) for any attribute. Attributes are the bold text under "Current States" on the device page. This number determines the number of entries that are kept in the history for each attribute. So for a typical dimmer switch, you'd get 100 of the last "switch" attribute events (on/off), 100 of the last "level" attribute events (values between zero and 100%), and so on.

The default used to be 1000; recent updates reduced this to 100 (presumably because people's hubs seem to run faster this way). A recently-introduced hidden URL allows changing the hub wide default, while the feature you noted above was added as a way to give even finer control over this by adding it on a per-device basis. This is an option you should see on all devices, including child devices, whose events and event history are totally separate (though logically possibly related to) those from the parent device.

Ah okay great. Thanks.

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