Zooz Power Strip (ZEN20) - keeps Forgetting preferences, no power reporting

Just wondering this myself.

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Same problem here, need solution please, trying to use power strip to run multiple 10a chargers and I need active control to limit overall consumption to eliminate switch or breaker tripping.


Seems to be the same with latest release, any chance this gets fixed?

If anyone wants to convince Zooz to send me one, I can make a proper driver for it. Being a multi-endpoint device it would be hard to do it blind on this one.

It might even work with my plugs driver I already created and just need a few adjustments.

I would be willing to test the driver you have made already, to see what does and doesn't work with this plug

Is it supposed to have power metering on each plug separately?
My driver only does power metering on the parent device, I think that's going to be the main issue.
I do have multi-endpoint detection and I think it will create a child for each endpoint but they would not have power metering. No parameter settings would show up since it does not have the model codes and settings for the ZEN20 coded into it.

I do have a ZEN25 which is similar, so if I got it working for that it might also work for the ZEN20.

This is the current driver, [DRIVER] Zooz Smart Plugs Advanced (ZEN04 / ZEN05 / ZEN14 / ZEN15) . I think I would end up making a separate one to handle the multi-endpoint metering devices like the ZEN25 and ZEN20.

I will try that out.
It has power and energy monitoring on each plug.

@cuirbear I am close to having my plugs driver adapted to work on the ZEN25 (which should also work on ZEN20). I am trying to make it reverse compatible with the child devices created by the system drivers. Can you post the Device Network ID (DNI) from the parent and at least two of the child devices. Guessing it is something like ##, ##-1, ##-2, etc.... where ## is the Hex DNI of the parent. Some drivers do it a little differently so I need to check.

Sure. Will get that in a bit. Let me look for it.


Parent Device Network ID: 42
CHild 1: 42-CH1
Child 4: 42-CH4

Anything else?

That's what I was after, it does use a little different naming than some other devices so I will take that into consideration.

EDIT: I think I got that part figured out, seems to be working for the ZEN25. Just need to add all the parameter settings and we might be in business.


So I just realized yesterday that it has two USB, does the system driver create child devices for the USB ports to tell you if they are charging something or not (on/off state)? Is that a desired feature or should I ignore the USB ports?

Could also just push the state of the USB to a custom attribute like usb1, usb2 instead of making a child device.

Other than that I think I am done with it, but I fear if it is used how it is, it will create childs for the USB ports and make a mess. Thats what it is doing right now on my ZEN25. I need to have it probe the device a little more to determine which endpoints are power meters vs just on/off (usb).

It does create child devices for the USB ports.
It makes it an ON/OFF device, with refresh and Read Only (not sure if it is working correctly due to the driver issues)

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Do you have the driver ready to try?

Well I was going to do more testing but you can try it as long as you don't mind it possibly creating more new child devices and making a mess of things (it can be undone with one of my z-wave utility driver). I have not tested my code that should detect the childs created from the ZEN20 system driver. If it does not find them correctly, it will create new ones.

You will want to check all the settings over after switching and then run a CONFIGURE
(May need to refresh/configure first before all the settings show up)

GIST LINK REMOVED - Driver added to Github/HPM

I think it found the child devices that were there before.
One attribute I am not undertanding is: Status attributes for devices/rooms - what is this supposed to do?

Power is still reading as 0 in all devices
Energy appears to be working? not entirely sure
Don't think ON/OFF is working either

That's a new setting added by the 2.3.6 update to all devices settings. You can show one attribute on the main device listed (and rooms).

What firmware is your device BTW?

Post a screenshot of the state variables on the parent device (below the commands).

Then also you can change the logging to debug, then go to CH1 child and click refresh. Post the screenshot from the logs after it finishes.

Not sure where to find the firmware

You need to run the configure command so the driver will detect the endpoints. It does not look like that was done yet (or you need to refresh the page).

The firmware version would be at the bottom in the data section (check after running configure and then refresh the page).

Okay, will do. I thought I did, but will do it again.