Zooz Leak Sensor is Chatty

I have 3 Zooz leak sensors. One of them has become chatty. Keeps reporting status in bursts for a few minutes then stops. The one that is chatty goes through two hops on the mesh while the other 2 sensors are direct. Anyone else experience this problem?


Do you think the battery is genuinely 100%? In my experience when a device suddenly becomes excessively chatty, it turns out it was its way of trying to say the battery was dodgy

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What firmware version? This is a known issue with a few of the Zooz sensors, I think they fixed it with firmware updates in most of them. I am on 1.30 for mine.

It was determined that more hops and worse signal would result in this issue surfacing, I would say you meet those qualifications with this device.


The unit is only 5 weeks old, I would thing the battery would last longer than that under any conditions.

Yes in that context it probably is accurate. I have stuff with completely nonsense battery reports lol

All 3 of mine are on firmware version 1.30.

@agnes.zooz should probably be aware of this. You may want to check if they have a new version of the firmware. I think there was a recent issue with Zooz zen34 remote switches that were chatty with battery reports when they were having issues talking to the hub.

As a test, move it close to the hub temporarily and see if it stops the excess reporting. If it does stop, then it is the same issue people have had with other sensors.

@agnes.zooz was the excessive battery reports ever an issue/fixed on the ZSE42? Any firmware newer than 1.30 that might fix it?

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We do have 1.40 that was recently released and it should address any communication issues which may then result in multiple battery reports sent at the same time.