Zooz Double Switch ZEN30

I have a Zooz Double Switch with the bath vanity lights on the dimmer and the exhaust fan on the on/off switch. I have downloaded the Zooz device driver for this. I would like to use Hubitiat to control the humidity utilizing data from my Zooz 4 in 1 and the on/off switch but the switch does not show up in any of the apps. Any help in plain English would be greatly appreciated.

What driver are you using for the ZEN30 and does it have a "child" device attached to it to control the relay button?

BTW I have this exact same setup except I am using a ZSE11 for the humidity sensor.

This app seems to work good enough: Bathroom Humidity Fan

I contacted Zooz and the answer is simple. I am using the Zooz advanced driver for this switch, available here, (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jtp10181/Hubitat/main/Drivers/zooz/zooz-zen30-double-switch.groovy). Copy this address ad paste it into Drivers Code/New Drivers/Import/ paste it where indicated and then Import. This will also give you options up to five taps. The switch for the switch/relay below the dimmer on your Zooz Double Switch will then show in the drop down list for switches as Zooz Double Switch Relay, choose it. That is all there is to it.

Is this Zooz ZEN30 the only two-relay single-gang smart switch available? I'm hoping to replace a couple Legrand Combination Rocker switches and I'm having trouble finding drop in options.

Legrand Combination Rocker switch

Only thing I have found. Your other option would be to use a relay like the Zen52 and I think there are also zigbee options out there. With a relay like that you keep the existing switch but add smart control
Behind it.

I'm using this driver with the zen30 switch and see advanced options for it. But don't see any options for additional buttons (five taps etc) for scene control. Can someone provide guidance for how to access the scene control capabilities?

Hi @geekdaddy that is my driver in the link.
Do you have the most recent driver I just posted last week?
Also what firmware version of ZEN30 do you have? It should be listed in the data section at the bottom of the device page on the hub.

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thanks @jtp10181 I do have your latest driver. I'm also on firmware 3.0 and wondered if I needed 3.1.

Have subsequently discovered that I can access the scene control buttons thru Hubitat's button controller. I'm more accustomed to Inovelli switches, where the buttons are automagically visible to the rule engine.

Is there a better way to access the add'l scene control buttons for this device? If not, button controller is working for me.

....and thanks for the excellent driver!

If they show up in BC they should also show in RM.
I think Firmware 3.10 adds a feature to turn off the scene events, they are on by default. So you should not need it.

Working for me in RM as a trigger.

Have you ever pressed CONFIGURE on my driver since switching to it? Should not be needed but it goes through and makes sure everything is set properly.

I did press configure.
I just tried rule manager and now see the buttons available there.

Not sure why I couldn't previously see them. Must be impatient operator error. Sorry for the thrash.

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Nice, this worked for me. I just wired my living room for a ceiling light and installed a fan/light combo with Wiz bulbs, took a minute to iron out but it all works perfectly.

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