Zooz contact sensor (ZSE41)

I recently purchased 6 of the Zooz ZSE41 contact sensors for our cabin. One of the sensors was faulty out of the box (would never show closed, even when manually triggering with a separate magnet), another was ~50/50 on if it would trigger right out of the box, and over the past few weeks, I now have a 3rd of the 6 that is ~50/50. I'm wondering if I got a bad batch, just have bad luck, or if others are seeing the same thing?

My primary house is all Ecolink sensors and they've been rock solid for several years. The only reason I switched was the Zooz is smaller and slimmer.

Any other suggestions on contact sensors that are small and work well?

I'd contact Zooz about it - may be a faulty batch. They can also send you the latest firmware (1.3, I think).

I've had 2 for a while, and they've both rock-solid from the get-go.

I have a number of them myself, and they are all working perfectly. I know that because they trigger some light automation based on open and close.

Mine are all on firmware 1.3