Zooz central scene dimmer doesn't refresh

I am seeing Refresh on a ZEN22 with Zooz central scene dimmer driver doesn't appear to generate an event in the log and doesn't update the Last Activity At time.

I use refresh as a kind of ping to check devices are alive. I also use Device Watchdog that I think checks Last Activity. This ZEN22 popped up in device watchdog report the other day. I went in and did a refresh, no log entry was generated, other devices typically output an event of their current state when refreshed. The ZEN is working fine, and after pressing it, an event was generated.

I turned on debug and refresh generates a SwitchMultilevelReport(value:0) in the log, but no event that would trip Last Activity to be updated.

I think I'm having a similar issue with my Eva Logik dimmer. This is interesting because the Eva Logik dimmer was initially discovered as a Zooz central scene dimmer. Did you ever find a solution for this?

I opened my own topic here: