Zooz 800 Series Matching Midsize Screwless Wallplates

I need to purchase all the wall plates, blanks, and on/off rocker switches soon. I know that the Leviton wall plates are supposed to be a close match to the Zooz switches, but I prefer a midsize. Has anyone found screwless, midsize wall plates that match the Zooz 800 series pretty closely?

Oh FYI, I did contact The Smartest House and they recommended these, if you don't mind plates with screws:




But they didn't have any Screwless Plate recommendations.

I use the Eaton Aspire screwless wallplates (satin white) and think they're a pretty good match. Here's one of those plates with an Inovelli LZW31-SN on the left and a Zooz ZEN34 (700-series) on the right:

And here's a Zooz ZEN32 (700-series), also at a different angle:

I know subtleties of color are hard to show in photos, but all appear to match close enough for me in person that I can't tell the difference. (They also work well with gloss white Lutron Pico remotes, IMHO. One thing where I can tell a slight difference is with the new/3rd-gen Inovelli products, models starting with "LZ," where the Inovelli seems a bit yellower -- but even then it's so close I wouldn't have noticed if this post didn't make me just look.)

One such plate:


I imagine the Lutron ones would also be a good match, but I haven't tested them myself (only judging based on the Pico) -- and I don't really care for the "sandwiched" look their Claro plates have -- so I can't say for sure.


I went ahead and did some testing. I bought the following white screwless plates:
What worked:

  1. Leviton 80309-SW, White: Amazon photos showed them to be midsize, but they were actually standard. In my opinion, this is the closest color of all the ones I tried. If midsize doesn’t matter to you, then I’d use this one.

  1. ENERLITES Gloss Finish Medium Size, White: Unless you have the Leviton and the ENERLITES plates together, it was hard to tell the difference between the two. The Zooz switches matched these well, too. My husband thought the Zooz switches matched these the best. The ENERLITES and Leviton are both really close matches that it’s really too close to tell.

What didn’t work:
3. ELEGRP Midsize, Matte White: These looked and felt very cheap. I didn’t bother trying them.
4. BESTTEN Midsize USWP4 Gloss White: These were too “yellow” compared to the Zooz switches.
5. BESTTEN Midsize USWP6 Gloss Snow White: These were too “white” compared to the Zooz switches.
6. Lutron Claro Gloss White: These were too “white” compared to the Zooz switches.

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I have all this brand in my house: https://www.legrand.us/wiring-devices/designer-switches-and-outlets/radiant-one-gang-screwless-wall-plate-white/p/rwp26w

I get them from Medard's (Midwest hardware store). Still need to order a 4-gang online because the store does not have them....

Looking close they are a little less glossy than the Zooz switches but on the wall they look good to me. The extra for the screw-less covers is totally worth it, looks so much cleaner without the exposed screws.

Thank you! If I can find them in store, I’ll try them too.

Two Zooz switches and a legrand 3-way dumb switch. These are older Zooz switches ZEN2x models but I don’t think the look has really changed.

You can see the gloss on the plate is less than the switch in this picture due to sun shining on it.