Zooz 700 series - Scene control and 3-way

Hi!1 Im interested in the zooz switches and dimmers, and have two questions for anyone that has experience with them.

  1. 3 way control: I have a couple of places where I have 3 way light set up and I want to install diommers. Some brands has a smart switch/dimmer and a slave, but I cant find the slave for zooz. How would it work? Would it work with any other brand slave??

  2. Scene control: Is it possible to activate scenes or actions by double or triple press in the Zooz switches /dimmers or GE enbrighten?


It should work with a normal 3-way toggle/paddle switch. Like either of these:



Please see the wiring diagrams provided by Zooz at their website.

Also tagging @agnes.zooz for followup questions.

Well, be careful...

ON/OFF will work with a dumb switch in that 3way setup, but if you want full functionality at all switches (like multiple press events and dimming) that will not work from the dumb switch in that 3way scenario.


Zooz switches can be used with regular on/off switches in 3-way and 4-way set-ups. They were designed as an alternative to the "add-on" switch solution.

If you'd like to dim from both sides, then you can use the ZEN22 or ZEN72 (only these models will work!) and a ZAC99 momentary switch on the other side (you'll need to change the 3-way switch type to momentary).

Note that the ZAC99 is a one-button momentary switch that works in a sequence: tap the paddle once to turn the light on or off (change of state), press-and-hold the paddle to dim or increase brightness (interchangeably). You're only ever pressing one paddle and not 2 paddles like on your Z-Wave switch.

Scene control (multi-tap triggers) will only work from the Zooz switch itself as @JasonJoel pointed out, and it's currently featured in all Zooz models.

I hope that helps!


but how do you activate the scene??

If you need detailed instructions on how to program scene control from Zooz switches, please contact our support and let us know which model you have so we can send them over!