ZOOZ 4-in-1 Sensors

I bought two new ZOOZ 4-and-1 devices and have noticed that the sensors (lux/temp/humpdity) are only updated in Hubitat if motion is INACTIVE.

So, any time there is motion and for the duration of that motion, no lux/temp/humidity updates are registered in Hubitat.

Once motion is INACTIVE, I see consistent and reliable reporting from ZOOZ ever 3min or so when there is something to report (if temp doesn't change, obviously it doesn't report).

Has anyone else noticed this? I wanted to use this for a bathroom exhaust sensor, but it not reporting correctly while there is motion is a problem

Welcome to the community! We're in the middle of a bathroom remodel and I've been researching the different multisensors as well. I have an aeotec multi and I'm not terribly fond of it as it's slow to report everything. I hadn't heard that about zooz. But, there is a sensor made by @iharyadi that is responsive enough for your needs. I'm currently waiting on one for the same purpose. (waiting list)


I forgot to mention that @agnes.zooz is here. You'll get your question answered quickly.


What intervals are we talking about here? Does the sensor not report a light being turned on/off if continuous motion is detected for more than 10 minutes? Or are these smaller intervals, closer to 1-2 minutes during which time the sensor will only report motion but nothing else?

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10min. Once motion is "inactive" then within 3min I'll get data from l/t/h.

My test:

  • hold zooz in my hand for 10min (motion facing outward)
  • after 10min, stick zooz in a drawer

During the 10min, motion with be constantly active and no temp. updates will be sent to Hubitat. After it is put in a drawer I'll get a report within 3min (and every 3min after) with temp update.

Note: temp will be elevated because of body heat and holding it in my hand.

I could do a long test (more than 10min) if that would be helpful to you.

Is there anyway to disable motion detection, and only get l/t/h?

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I have a Zooz multisensor as well. I was noticing very slow report times on humidity. I'm looking forward to seeing how to make that a little faster.

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We're testing the device to see if we can replicate the behavior and will send you an update as soon as we get to the bottom of the issue here.

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Have you tried reducing the reporting threshold to 1 or 2 %? That usually helps with increasing reporting frequency.

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I've just changed it to 2%. I'll monitor throughout the next weeks and see how it goes.



We're checking if we can find a multisensor for you that will report motion and other values at the same time. It may be a Z-Wave limitation since security commands (for motion detection) are often prioritized before other reports. If you don't need motion alerts, you can mount the sensor in a spot in the room when it will not detect motion, reduce sensitivity to minimum, or tape over the lens. But if we can find a different device that reports light, temperature, and humidity while motion is active, we'll let you know as well!

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I realize this is a 2 year old conversation but am new to Hubitat and I have documented the same behavior(no l/t/h reporting while there is motion activity) and was wondering if the source of the problem had been identified(Zooz, Z-wave, Hubitat?) and if any resolution was forthcoming...to have a multi sensor work like this is not really acceptable. Any update would be appreciated.

It is the intended operation per Zooz, If you search around some more it has been explained in detail in other posts. When motion is active the device prioritizes motion and ignores the other sensors.

If you need the sensors to report during motion events I think the ZSE11 will do it, but the motion detection is slightly slower. I have (3) ZSE40's in various rooms and one ZSE11 in a bathroom. Not sure about other brands or zigbee, people seem to favor zigbee for motion sensors due to speed.

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Appreciate the update....

We also explain how the ZSE40 reports in this article, it's linked in the printed manual that comes with the sensor as well. As @jtp10181 mentioned, the ZSE11 model could work better if you're looking for more frequent reports while motion is happening. The motion sensor in the ZSE11 doesn't have the same detection range as the ZSE40 but it will work well in most locations.