Zooz 4-in-1 sensors reporting false motion events (The saga continues…)

The three Zooz 4-in-1 sensors are paired with no security. :+1:

They are all reporting motion now and then even when there is no motion.

I set the sensitivity to 7, the least sensitive. They are still detecting motion every few minutes. I have Wyze cameras pointing in the same direction as the sensors, and no motion is detected on those cameras.

As a test, I put one of the misbehaving Zooz sensors in a 10 x 12 closed room with no windows. With the HE app open on my iPad monitoring the Zooz sensor, and the Wyze app open on my wife’s iPad watching the camera in the same room, I did not see any motion nor did the camera detect any motion when the motion event was detected by the Zooz sensor. The Zooz sensor is sitting on top of the Wyze camera pointing in the same direction. I have placed the sensor next to the camera, on the other side of the room. There is no window nor is there a HVAC vent in that room.

Thinking it might be a temperature change, I set all of them to report at the highest (5F) change with no difference. Still reporting random motion.

Remembering I had an Aqara motion sensor in the drawer before I got the Tuya ZigBee repeaters, I paired it with HE, put it in the same closed room, and no motion was detected.

The real puzzler is these Zooz sensors did not report random motion when they were paired with the HE hub. They just ate batteries and hosed the Z-Wave mesh because they were the 500 series. Now they are paired with the Zooz Z-Stick.

WAF is falling. Have 3 more Aqara motion sensors coming today (in stock at my local Amazon warehouse).

As an ex-diagnostic tech in an automotive shop, the ‘why’ was an important part of the diagnosis. Just slapping a part on and not questioning why it failed could result in a comeback.

Have you discussed this with Zooz support? Also tagging @agnes.zooz

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ooof! that sucks. Sorry to hear about your continuing issues. Seems like the ZSE40's are just too problematic. Hopefully the folks at Zooz can help you out. They have been very good in my experience once you start a dialog.

I'm sorry you are having these issues... I agree with erttrek, you should contact Zooz about that.

I purchased two ZOOZ Z-WAVE PLUS 700 SERIES 4-IN-1 SENSOR ZSE40 from www.thesmartesthouse.com several months ago. One for a hallway... just really for the humidity reading and the second in my laundry room to turn on the lights automatically and also to read the temperature to be used with my dryer. I added them to Hubitat without S2 security and I've never had any issues with them.

I did purchase the ZOOZ Z-WAVE PLUS 700 SERIES XS TEMPERATURE | HUMIDITY SENSOR ZSE44 ... and that unit has been problematic for me. I contacted ZOOZ about this sensor and they were quick to respond and told me the issue is being addressed via an issue with the driver. But they were responsive at least.

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Agreed. I'm super happy with my Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Motion Sensor ZSE18, paired to my C-5.

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless those sensors are Zigbee 3.0, you're likely to have an even lower WAF. They work great, until they drop. I tried everything, 10+ repeaters, and only the Aqara compatible ones, pairing, re-pairing, different drivers.
Bottom line, Aqara does not 100% follow Zigbee Alliance standards and it wreaks havoc with Zigbee.
I hope it works for you, maybe you alreday only have Aqara compatible devices?


Agreed. I avoid aqara... The sonoff have been rock solid for me though

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You might also be able to do like @aaiyar and some others have done and move all those devices to a separate zigbee controller. The only trick is connecting that controller back with HE which can be done with Node-RED or possibly MQTT.

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I had issues buying a Z-Stick on the Zooz web site. 7 attempts with 3 different cards were all flagged as fraud. Multiple emails and two voicemail messages asking why this happened were not replied to. I bought the Z-Stick from Amazon with no issues using one of the cards that Zooz rejected.

If Zooz support won’t reply to my emails and voicemail messages, I am done supporting them.

Tagging @agnes.zooz

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That's happened to a few people at zooz. Not sure what the issue is

That is a very odd situation with Zooz support. They are usually very quick to respond, and even continuing to follow up to see if your issue was resolved or if you have any other issues. Very odd indeed.


We reply to all inquiries within 24 hours (usually it's within a few hours on the same day) 7 days a week. If you've submitted any inquiries to Zooz support in the past and haven't received a reply, it could be that they didn't go through the system. We work very hard to get back to everyone quickly and be as responsive as possible. Feel free to send me a message with your email address and I'll look into it for you.


The Aqara sensors are not reporting motion at times.

I will go with your recommendation

Have you tried the Zooz sensor WITHOUT a Wyze camera in the vicinity? Just a hunch but maybe the IR night mode on the cam is messing with the motion sensor on the Zooz.

Also, what firmware version do you have on the Zooz?

The Wyze camera was added to assist the diagnosis. The motion events occurred before the camera was put in the room.

I don’t know what the firmware version is. I do know they are 500 series. They are packed up ready to ship. Sold them on eBay. Buyer asked why I was selling them after the auction ended. Found out he has a C7 so I cancelled the auction and relisted them.

4 days left and the current bid is higher than the ending bid of the cancelled auction. :flushed:

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