Zooz 4 in 1 Sensor to Alexa

I would really like to have Hubitat report motion AND temperature to Alexa but with the Zooz driver only temperature comes through. In order to get motion I have to change to the Generic motion sensor driver. I have seen other people with this issue but I do not really want to go to the trouble to mess with virtual devices. I have quite a few of these sensors and they work well but not is this case.

I'm pretty sure Alexa doesn't have the concept of a device that is both temperature sensor and motion sensor...so if you want both, it's going to have to be two devices somewhere/somehow. With the Hubitat Alexa skill that's going to mean virtual devices.

I feel your pain though, I had a similar problem the other day with a plug-in dimmer that happens to have a temperature sensor would show up in Alexa as a temperature and couldn't even be used to control the light. :rofl: I wish for devices where the driver is presenting multiple capabilities, we could choose which ones are exposed to Alexa.