Zooz 2 day sale


@agnes.zooz I want to order 2 zen 27, should I wait until after 4pm for the new firmware? Also, have you figured out how exactly it works?

Yes please, wait until after 4PM if you'd like the latest firmware to be uploaded. The only way to make it work for ZigBee (non Z-Wave bulbs) is by unleashing 99 real-time multilevel reports from the switch so what we had implemented in the first version of the dimmer but what was subsequently removed because it created too many reports during manual dimming. The way it happens now is they're only sent if the relay is disabled (so assuming it's being used with smart bulbs), the dimming speed is longer (4 seconds vs 1 second originally) which decreases the density of the reports sent, and there's a parameter to turn these reports off if desired so they're not sent even with the relay disabled.

@agnes.zooz Also, with these switches, do they function as a normal switch or dimmer without a hub? Say I sell my house and the buyer just wants normal dimmers/switches

Can you change the colors of these with the GE color change kit? Like this

Or can you order them in a different color?

Nice Halloween deals if you're in the US.

Anyway Canada can get a similar deal? If I ship to Toronto, it will cost $16.39 USD for USPS First-Class, bring the total to $41.34 USD (approx. $54 CAD). The Amazon.ca "regular" price is $56.95 CAD, so it's unfortunately not as "Spooky" of a deal for Canadians :frowning:

Really like the ZEN15 and this has me thinking I'd like to purchase again. Anything you can do on your end?

Are these better or worse than the GE?

That’s a pretty difficult question to answer.

There are several devices on sale, and which GE device do you mean?

And it depends what you mean by better or worse?

@agnes.zooz Hi Agnes, I purchased 2 zen23, I got them with newer firmware, I sent email to get the firmware for my other 10 ZEN23 and 4 ZEN24, is that possible? Thanks

Thanks @frmWink2Hubitat for the heads up.

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Yes but only if you use them with regular bulbs to control the load directly. If used with smart bulbs, you'd need to have a hub to keep them linked.

The switches come in white only and the paddles are not interchangeable at the moment.

Unfortunately, with all the additional cost of importing the stock to Canada and high Amazon fees, the list price is currently the lowest possible. We have more flexibility on The Smartest House website and try to keep all devices affordable there but the shipping costs are actual transit costs so again, there's not much we can do to lower the price here. I wish we could!

Sure, if you included your order number, you should be receiving the firmware files with update instructions tonight or tomorrow morning.

I didn't included the order number, I purchased the last 2 on Amazon but fulfilled by The Smartest House, the others were purchased in The Smartest House some time ago :frowning: but I used the same email as my Amazon account...

If we're not able to find you in the database, we'll just ask for the order number before sending the files to make sure we send the correct firmware for the right model / version of your devices. Either way, you'll be able to update them on your side shortly!

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Still 8 hours left on the sale.

Made an order for 3 of the $21 light switches and for good measure 2 motion sensors to replace my slow-to-respond-and-not-local-execution Wyze motion sensors.

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I bought two zen15 units for my dryer and washer.

Can’t wait for these to come in so the family can be bombarded with “Washer is done”



I bought 6 ZEN22, a ZEN27, a ZEN24, and a S2 zwave stick.

thesmartesthouse has been great help replacing a few zooz I had trouble with. One was just an incompatibility thing with the LED floodlights.

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