Zone Motion Sensor

I have a question about the built in system app: Zone Motion Sensor:

  1. I have 2 motion sensors: Front Door Motion Sensor & Front Door Motion Sensor II.
  2. Whenever both of them, even for a second, both show ACTIVE, I want the Front Door Motion Zone sensor to show ACTIVE.
    Therefore, I have used the Zone Motion App:

    However, it doesn't seem to have worked.
    Here is a screenshot of the events from Front Door Motion Sensor:

    Here is a screenshot of the events from Front Door Motion Sensor II:

    This shows that they were both active, from 10:36:13.
    Yet the following screenshot shows the Zone never became active:

Does this App still work?

Try changing your Activation Window to maybe 10 seconds.

But they are not going to be active together for 10 seconds...

I have some more interesting info.
From my logs (I turned debugging on):

This shows that the Zone app program only thought that the Front Door Motion Sensor II was active, not the other one. Which is really strange, because the event log of the other one shows:

they don't need to be active for the entire 10 seconds, they each would only need to register active within the 10 second window.

What drivers are being used for the motion detectors?

I changed it to 10 seconds and it still didn't work.

Front Door Motion Sensor:
Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor

Front Door Motion Sensor II:
Tuya Multi Sensor 4 in 1 from (@kkossev )


I'll change it to the generic , built-in one, and see if that makes a difference.

this one registered, the other one didn't

So, I changed that user driver to the built in: Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor (no temp).

Still no joy.

Front Door Motion Sensor is the sensor that didn't register, not Front Door Motion Sensor II which was using the user driver.

Replace Front Door Motion Sensor with a virtual motion detector and see what happens

But look at the following screenshot from my logs, after I changed the driver:

Now, I'm really confused....

that makes three of us

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I'm going back to basics.

I'm making up 2 virtual motion sensors, and seeing if that will trigger a new zone motion app.

OK. I'm confident there is an issue with the app.

I made up 2 virtual motion sensors.
I clicked on making them active one immediately after the other.
the zone motion sensor, didn't become active (at all).

Delete this motion zone controller and recreate it again.

i just built a new zone from two virtual sensors, works as expected:

Did that same result.

can you post the complete live logs resulting from activating both real sensors in the manor that you are expecting them to work?
leave debug logging for the sensors and zone disabled, but enable description text logging on all three.

Aha, got it.

I changed the Activation window to 45 seconds - and it worked.
I think that the wording of what that window is could be improved somewhat.
In other words, "if there is an overlap of the active status of the motion sensors selected, with this Activation Window, then the Zone Motion Sensor device will show as being active"

with the "false" mode, all the motion sensors have to be active within the window...

@mike.maxwell thanks very much for helping me on this... another example of "user error"....