Zone Motion Countdown Timer?

Are there any countdown timers that can be used with the Zone Motion controller to see how much time is left before the Zone Motion timeout is satisfied? I'm interested in this for three reasons:

  1. When using Motion Aggression if another motion sensor trips and the Zone Motion activity resets to the timeout you have to check what motion sensor reset the Zone Motion controller. Thats easy if your motion zone only has a few motion sensors but if you have twenty it's not so easy.

  2. If the Zone Motion timer stays active after the timeout value I want to create a rule that says the Zone Motion controller has stayed on longer than the timeout value (in case a motion sensor hangs up)

  3. It would be nice to see how much longer the activity timeout has left before it goes inactive and turns something off. Currently the only way I know to do it is find the last motion sensor that went inactive and add your timeout setting.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I just had the same question and assume the answer is no at this point.

I would also find this very helpful.

Motion Aggregation does this, although it's only shown in the apps list and requires reloading the page to update. Better than nothing though.