Zone Motion Controllers against 2 areas


I have 3 rooms in the house (with 3 x motion sensors) and 2 zone motion controller rules that I want to run:


  1. NS Sensor (location: inside NS Room)
  2. Play Motion Sensor (location: Play Area, which located outside the NS room)
  3. Downstair sensors (location: downstairs, I have a bunch of motion sensors)

Zone motion controller rules that I want to run:

  1. Whenever a motion is detected inside the NS Room, followed by the Play Area motion sensor; trigger an alert

    Trigger device: NS Sensor

This zone motion controller section works fine.

  1. Whenever a motion is detected in the Play Area, followed by the downstair sensors, trigger another alert

    Trigger devices: Play motion sensor

The problem is, it seems zone motion controller #2 is never triggered; only the #1 one.

Did I make an incorrect configuration here?


Just a couple observations:

  1. Not really knowing your setup, but both sensors in #2 (and #1) have to be triggered within a 15 second window for the Zone to become active. This has nothing to do with how long the sensor needs no motion events to occur in order to become "inactive" and ready to be triggered again.
  2. Nothing else can be triggering these sensors; other people, pets, children, or there can be no "this followed by that" trigger.

I suspect what's going on is a consequence of the above: in your second example, both sensors need to be activated within 5 seconds of each other (you also can't specify the order with ZMC). From your diagram, it looks like there might be stairs in between. Could it just be that it takes longer for a person walking between the two places to activate both sensors?

To be extra clear (and I think this is also what was mentioned above), this means no more than 5 seconds between the "active" event from one sensor and that of the other. Whether one is still in an active state does not matter, just when the "active" events were generated.