Zone Motion Controller has stopped working

Run into a curious problem I'm hoping someone may know the solution to.

I have a kitchen motion zone set up using the Zone Motion Controller built in app. It has two smartthing motion controllers within it and is set as follows:

I have a simple rule to active the kitchen lights based on the zone becoming active:

You will note that all events are true under it.

It has been working flawlessly for the last couple of months and this morning has ceased working. The Zone simply doesn't activate. I can see in the logs that the individual smartthing motion sensors are activating but the Motion Zone Sensor no longer triggers. See logs below:


I have another zone configured in the same way (two smartthing sensors in another room) and that continues to activate. However this one has stopped working after having worked fine for months. Has anyone seen this or can think of what might be causing it?

Your logs don't show what's happening with "SmartThings Motion Sensor - Kitchen." Have you verified that it is reporting activity/inactivity as expected? My guess is not--if it is stuck as "active" (my guess), then your zone will be stuck as "active," too, so that other sensor alone changing won't cause a state change in the zone (it's already active) and thus won't trigger your rule.


Thank you @bertabcd1234. You are absolutely correct. It has been stuck on active since last night. Looks like the problem is with the sensor so I'll trouble shoot that.

Thanks so much for your help.

No problem! An app I recommend to track if sensors have gone offline for some reason (dead battery, network trouble, etc.) is Device Watchdog. It can monitor battery levels (I don't usually do this--sounds better than it is) or last activity (this is what I use, but it requires you to have some knowledge of how often your devices typically "check in" with some activity; I have several instances of Device Watchdog for different intervals). Before that, I just checked manually when I noticed odd things like this, which is certainly another option. Good luck!

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll give Device Watchdog a go!