Zombie rules?

I noticed that my motion sensor in the bathroom says it is in use by some rules that don't exist.

The two rules called TEST do not appear under Rule Machine. I figured out that I can click on the rule from the device and remove the rule, but it brought up some questions.

  1. How does this even happen?
  2. Since they don't show in my Apps list, is there a way to discover if you've created zombie apps other than going into every device to see what it's in use by? What if the rule didn't use a device?

If you started creating a rule (and apparently called it "TEST") but never got as far as clicking the "Done" button to truly install the app/rule, you could get that instance of the app hanging around in "incomplete" status for a bit afterwards. I think I asked about this a while back and was told they should get cleaned up as part of the nightly maintenance process. If you're still seeing this after at least a day or two, then I'm not sure; otherwise, they should disappear on their own.


To add to @bertabcd1234's advice, if you click on TEST in the device page, it should take you into that incomplete rule. Which you can then complete. And then delete.


Good tip! You can also just go to the status (gear icon) page and do a "Remove" that way without completing the installation--also good to know if you ever bork an installed rule up so bad you can't even get in to edit/remove the normal way. :slight_smile: