Curious if anyone is making use of Zigbee2MQTT and if so, how have you gone about integrating with Hubitat?

I’ve got an instance of HomeAssistant running, so was going to integrate via this and use one of the community MQTT clients.

Main reason is to try an alternative way of integrating the Aqara sensors, I’ve got ikea repeaters and whilst mostly these are now stable, I find if the hub is rebooted they drop off still, given the zigbee usb dongles are cheap as chips :fries: thought i’d give it a shot..

any tips? or success stories?

Node-red/MQTT (MQTT is the whole point after all! :grin:) Runs fine to link those troublesome tradfri dimmer buttons.

Strange - I have end devices drop but the repeaters tend to be ok.

It’s the end devices that drop out - very irritating to have to go and rejoin them!

Once publishing to MQTT what are you using to get the events in to


Node red MQTT node and then to HE via the HE specific nodes written by @fblackburn here Node-RED nodes for hubitat.

I usually pass the data into the virtual omni sensor device which has a ton of variable options including strings and then act on those through RM or simply display the info on the dashboard.


Thanks! Cool - I’ll give that a go!

Forgot to mention it goes both ways. You can use node red to get data/commands from HE and then publish to MQTT.

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You could also use NR for the "rules" and save some overhead on the HE itself. I prefer the visual design and flexibility of Node-RED sequences versus RM but it's definitely a personal preference and not everyone likes it.


Do you have a simple workflow in NR you could share the JSON for - to get me started? Thanks in advance!

Beginner question here..

How do I pass the value from the topic I’ve configured in to the command node? If I type a value in the arguments field then I do see that this updates in hubitat..

How do I tell it to use the value from the mqtt node?

I haven't actually got to writing the full flows for this (no time after getting successful tests done on a development pi) but in order to get data into the example you pasted above you must send the message as an argument.

Hence if you use an inject node to send a test number and you want it to be sent to the electricity device in your example, the output from the inject node is sent as msg.payload which you would change to msg.arguments using a change node before outputting to the command node.


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