Zigbee zwave outlets

I had the circuit breaker for my outside plugs changed to Siemens Afci/Gfci Dual Function Circuit Breakers, and will do so for my kitchen. Since I will no longer need GFI outlets, I am looking for receptacles that are zwave or zigbee. The ideal one would have 2 controlled outlets and 1 usb ports. I can find quite a few wifi models, but I really want locally controlled solutions. Anyone have a recommendation?


Two controlled outlets + 1 non controlled usb:
Zooz Zen25

Thanks, but I am looking for actual receptacles, outlets hardwired into their electrical boxes. I have a jasco zwave receptacle in my living room, but only the bottom plug is zwave controlled. And even that one (purchased 8 years ago) is hard to find. It would also need to handle a medium size load 10- 15 amp.

Besides Jasco, the only other vendor that I know of is Sinope, who have a Zigbee outlet.

I have this ZigBee outlet - paired quickly and easily with my hub, and works great.

I'm also looking at this zwave outlet - but haven't bought any yet:

Both have 1 controlled outlet and 1 always on...

Thanks those are along the line of what I am looking for. I will look at more closely at the lutron line.

If this were zwave or zigbee, this would be exactly what I am looking for: https://www.amazon.com/Outlet-Lumary-Assistant-Required-Certified/dp/B0882Z2XGW

I have a lot of USB powered devices.

The Leviton is not bad, there's just not much that's sexy about in-wall receptacles.

Comparing the above Leviton to the ZW500 GE/Jasco:

The Leviton has the 700 chip, plus the ability to customize the LED. (I can't remember whether you can on the Jasco or not. I like to configure them so the LED is on when the controlled outlet is on.)

Two of my Leviton Units (I have 8 total) have a history of going deaf and dumb and just dropping off of the network. Nothing on the controlled-side responds, not even the manual button. A flip of the breaker cures it, but it's a little concerning. Those two don't get much use, but that shouldn't matter. The other Leviton units have been fine and are in daily use with no issues, with the exception that the radio in the Levitons seems just a little pickier than your average Z-Wave device. Only one of those isn't perfectly rock solid, and it isn't really bothersome, just a data point. (And, as noted here often, Z-Wave routing isn't always intuitive. I have switches, dimmers, and fan controllers in the same boxes that have wildly different routing.) OTOH, the Jasco units were rock solid, they're just not ZW700.

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I have two of the Enbrighten Zigbee 3.0 outlets and one of the Leviton Z-Wave 700 outlets. They have been in since last spring and have all been rock solid since then. I use direct associations between a Zooz 34 wall switch and the Leviton, that is pretty slick. It works even if the Hubitat is unplugged. Outside of the difference between Z-Wave and Zigbee, the main difference is that the Leviton has the controlled outlet on the top, while the Enbrighten is on the bottom.

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Not having the breaker box worked on until Feb so I have time to look around. Thanks for the suggestions and recommendations. I am surprised that the new features found in wifi receptacles (like dual control and usb sockets) have not yet made their way into the zwave and zigbee ones.

I think you'll find there's a code reason for single outlet control in residential applications.

I can second the recommendation for the Jasco/GE/Honeywell (e.g Enbrighten) line. I've had both the Zigbee version and Zwave versions, and they've been solid.

By contrast, the only non surge related hard wired device failure I've had was an older Leviton Zwave outlet.


Thanks that is interesting, though wifi receptacles allow you to control each independently.

The lack of UL certification explains that...

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Thanks, my electrician needs to follow code, as he should. Hopefully he can get these as at an electrical provider at a discount.

The listing does indicate ETL certification which is one of the other "Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories." Certification from any of these labs (ETL, UL, TUV, etc.) will ensure that the device meets applicable codes. Although some less reputable companies have been known to mislead consumers by implying that devices are NRTL listed/certified when they are, in fact, not. If in doubt, you should be able to verify certification.

In this case, searching the Intertek (ETL) certification database for the term "Lumary" came up with 4 results, and one of those lists the L-WOSU100 receptacle as a certified device. In this case it is certified to a UL standard, UL-498.


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Thanks, it may be a lack of a large enough buying pool. Nearly everyone can make use of wifi receptacles. The number of people that can use a z technology is smaller. Of those many (most) would be happy with no-hassle external plugs. Thus leaving a very small pool of people who want to change their receptacles out with dual controlled z onesthe. If I were not already having my kitchen rewired, I'd probably be happy with external plugs.

I appreciate everyone helping me to understand this. Based on responses, what I what specifically does not exist yet, so I will need to think through my plans.