Zigbee/zwave outlet with power reporting

With all the possibility, it's hard to pick the best option.

Currently, I have a power bar on which all my equipment is connected (nvidia shield, turntable, ps5, nintendo switch, Samsung TV 55' and home theater). However, I'd like to connect some equipment to a smart socket so that only the LEDs (Govee TV Ambilight T2) light up when a certain current consumption is reached. In 2023 what's the best choice for a smart socket that can monitor power consumption? zwave ideally or zigbee. Thanks

I don’t recall any Z-Wave options that offer power reporting.

For Zigbee, I think the only ‘mainstream’ option that is currently available is the Legrand WNRR15xx (That’s a 15A recept. It’s also available in 20A.) Power reporting is currently broken in HE, but that should be corrected in an upcoming release.

Beyond that one nit, it’s currently my preferred smart receptacle. My previous Zigbee preference was the Jasco with power reporting. It’s currently unavailable, plus it has a bunch of writing on the faceplate that the Legrand doesn’t have.

Over on Z-Wave, it’s either the Jasco with a 500 chip, or the Leviton with the 700 chip. Both have their issues -even beyond no power reporting-, and are not preferred, IMHO.

The Aeotec Smart Switch 7 (ZW) is excellent in all respects and is highly customizable, but be sure you're sitting down when you see the price lol

take a look at these .. they seem to work for me.


These look interesting. Two questions:

  1. Are these chatty? How often do they report?
  2. Do these provide sufficient communication to use them to distinguish a power outage if you hub is on UPS?

Dont seem to chatty to me ..
other ? I have no idea sorry ..