Zigbee zero volt switch input

Hi I am struggling to find a switch that has zero volt input. S1 to common compared to s1 to line volts that pairs and works with C8 hub.
Has anyone had luck ?

And you never will find anything like this. Any INPUT needs some voltage for activation. If input could be activated by connecting it to a COMMON it is already internally pulled up to whatever voltage.

Please explain in detail what you’re trying to accomplish. It sounds like you may be looking for a device that has a ‘dry contact’ output. But it really depends on what the requirements are of the device you’re attempting to control. Please share some details.

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Guys thanks for your reply. I have not been clear and my language has been confusing.

I want input modules with or without outputs. In a void of having a decent switch that has switching contacts that don’t need live power to switch the relay. Simply need an input feed between a switch and common.

Hope this is clearer.

To be honest, it is not any clearer to me whatsoever.

Please provide details. What device are you trying to connect to the "Smart Device You're Looking For"? How will this smart device interact with Hubitat? Are you expecting data from the smart device to Hubitat? From Hubitat to the smart device? Or Bi-Directional communications?

Please provide real-world explanation of what you're trying to achieve? Like, "I am trying to connect a pushbutton switch to a 'yet to be found smart device" so that my Hubitat Hub knows when somebody pushes a button. Then Hubitat can turn on a light that is already connected via a Zigbee in-wall switch.

Something like that will be much more helpful. Without understanding the wiring circuit you're using, we have no context for what your 'common' is, or the type of switch you're using, etc...

A wiring diagram would be very helpful.


Sorry, still is not quite clear what is yours application. Check "Selly I4" devices. There are two versions, DC Input or Line Voltage Input (this one seems to be no go).

Sure and definitely not as complex and you have detailed. I simply want to have clean input where I can have a door switch a simple reed switch. When the contact closes it makes contact with the input and common of the Hubitat device. However the reed switch is not capable of carrying say 240v

Likewise I have a N/O contact from my air conditioner controller that closes when it starts and I want that to close a contact on a Hubitat device so I can monitor when it is on or off.

Just need inputs for zigbee.

Hope a little clearer.

Hi yes I noticed the Shelly devices are the closest to providing a set of inputs. Thank you.

Okay - that helps immensely. You're looking for a dry-contact digital input device. I use a Zigbee contact sensor for this exact type of situation. I removed the contact sensor's magnetic reed switch, and then wired the two remaining contacts to the external switch (in my example, this was a seat pressure switch.)

Some contact sensors actually have screw terminals for an external 'switch' device. These are getting harder to find these days.

How do you want to power this device? Battery powered or via a mains powered power supply?

Some folks like using a Zigbee Leak Sensor, as those actually already have external electrical contacts that are typically exposed to water. You can often just solder on some wires to those contacts to connect to your external switch.

Happy with battery but prefer power. Jist find it astonishing that there are not copious amounts of devices already that don’t need to be sabotaged to make work.

I was trying to use a in wall switch with contacts but couldn’t get the Tuya driver to work.

Thansk for all your help.

Here is a thread where this type of device is discussed.

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Is zigbee the only protocol you are looking for? If Z-wave is ok, you can try something like a zooz zen17 since you are just monitoring a N/O contact.


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