Zigbee Window Shade Inconsistent

I’ve got a total of 3 Yoolax Zigbee Window Shades (Roller Shades, not blinds). I’ve had them working nearly flawlessly on Homekit through Smarthings for a couple of years. I’m making the move from SmartThings to Hubitat and I’ve run into an issue with one of the shades that is driving me nuts. 2 shades are in my master bedroom, some 10 feet apart. One works flawlessly through Hubitat and Homekit via Homebridge. The other is terribly inconsistent. It will show Open when it’s closed, closed when it’s open, but sometimes it shows accurately. It’ll get all the way open and show 97% open (thus not closing when you prompt it). I’ve reset the motor and repaired it to Hubitat more times than I can count. I’ve tried the reverse setting, and reversing the shade itself. Nothing works consistently to open or close.

Does anybody have experience troubleshooting these kinds of issues? I’m still at a loss why the motor sitting 10’ away is not giving me any issues with the same device driver.

Thanks in advance!

C8 hub? My 2 Third Reality zigbee blinds (and some other previously stable zigbee devices) have been very flaky on the C8, but were all rock-solid on the C7. One blind is always fine, but the other is wacky. I'll coax the one back to life, but then the other one goes wacky. Wash rinse repeat every day or so.

The ongoing C8 zigbee issues now have me looking at alternatives - it's frustrating.

Yes. C8 hub. Should I contact Support?

Worth a shot. So far, they haven't acknowledged that they're pursuing any additional zigbee fixes, but I hope they actually are. There are definitely still persistent zigbee network issues for some of us out here.

How does one contact support for Hubitat? It appears this forum is all they have?