Zigbee wall module switch

Hello all!

I am looking to change my wall switches but im in mexico, and its not very common to have the neutral wire on all switches... sooo

And we have wall switches like on one module from 1 up to 3 gangs so there are not many options

I dont like very much the digital switches that have up to 4 gangs, and most of them are wifi so i dont think ill put those....

I have seen some small wall switches modules that you can use the same wall switch, just add the module inside and will be on zigbee or wifi and will do the job

Have any one used those ones or have a recomendation to be able to have all on hubitat?

so nobody use smart switches?

I am not that familiar with Mexico and their wiring and switches.

I was under the impression that you use USA style switches, is that not correct? In the USA, we have gangs of switches, but under the cover plate they are all separate devices. Yours are different?

I have not used them, but there are both Zigbee and Zwave modules like you describe. I am not sure what to recommend to you. Typically a switch needs a neutral, and a dimmer can sometimes not have neutral. So these might not work behind your stock switches either. They may have to go into a lamp housing in the ceiling.


There are many switch (or dimmer) modules available on the market, with or without neutral line.
Because of the big variety of such modules made by different manufacturers, it is really difficult to state which will work and which will require custom driver in Hubitat.

When searching for such modules, look at the customers comments - if there are comments that this paerticular device works with SmartThings or HomeAssistant, then there is a great chance it will be already supported in Hubitat as well. If you have chosen already some models, you can post the link to the web site here and I will have a look.

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You can look also at the Sonoff products, there are quite a bit of comments about these in the forum here:

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Hello! thanks for your response. The wiring is very similar like other places or USA, the modules we have like from 1 to 3 gangs on the same plate and not like in the USA they have like a gang per plate....

i havent chose any, i will order some on ebay and see how they work, i think ill try some sonoff and tuya. those small switch modules that go inside the 2x3 box behind the cover plate

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ill try those ones! see if those fit here

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Can you get Lutron Caseta switches? Many of them require no neutral and they are rock solid. They do require their own hub, though - the PRO version.

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Fitting inside the existing switch boxes is the most important factor probably. Where I live this is a problem,

Another important factor for me is relay’s clicking sound. If the lights will be operated mostly manually from the existing mechanical switches, the relay click is not noticeable so much. But if you use automatic motion lighting as I do everywhere in the house, then the clicking sound may get annoying… at least for me. So here come the dimmer modules that use solid state triacs instead of mechanical relays.

I would suggest that you buy just one pcs of whatever you chose, test it and if satisfied make a bulk purchase.

thanks that is definitely what i will have to try