Zigbee vs Z-Wave battery switches

I just aquired a few hue 4 button switches. And notices that they are super fast where the zwave GoControl Wireless Remote Switch seems crazy slow..

Should I in the future get more zigbee switches or is it the gocontrol devices?

I have a lot of z-wave switches and they're all instant. Mostly GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Motion Switch or Dimmer and Honeywell UltraPro Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmer or Switch.

The motion switch is nice because the motion and switch function can be operated independently of each other and I don't need a separate motion sensor.

I'm talking aboit battery operated switches.. that don't physicaly turn on or off a bulb.. one that I have to make a rule for example to turn on a smart bulb.

There's typically not much difference in speed battery or mains powered. Speed issues are usually caused by mesh issues or pairing issues.

To avoid confusion, I’d suggest referring to these devices as button controllers.

β€œSwitch” implies a device that physically interrupts the flow of electricity to a lighting or motor load.

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Yes. Zwave is a bigger drain on the battery, so devices seem to sleep more and take longer to wake up than zigbee, at least the ones I have. I have a couple Ring motion sensors that take a lot linger to respond than my zigbee ones. Luckily they are just used to cover the back half of my garage.
I used to think my GE zwave plus switches were fast, until I started buying the zigbee version instead. The difference is most noticeable with motion automations.

Until the advent of the 700 series, every single Z-Wave device has some version of the ancient 8051 8-bit CPU core at its heart. By 21st century standards those SOC's aren't fast or particularly efficient in handling sleep/wake events. In contrast, even the lowliest Zigbee bulb uses some version of 32-bit ARM Cortex, with a good bit of hardware devoted to power management.


I knew there was a reason why many say zigbee is faster. Not scientific, but for my devices the zigbee seem faster. And the z-wave sirens with their stuttering and repeating of chimes is frustrating

When I got my first Z-Wave motion sensor (an old GoControl), I was impressed by the long battery life... but not so much by its enormous size compared to a relatively tiny Iris V2. I realized that just about all Z-Wave battery sensors use relatively huge batteries.. CR123 are typical vs. the wafers or smaller CR2's that Zigbee sensors can get away with (and still make it to a year's worth of operation).

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700 series last a really long time