Zigbee Update catalogue

Feature request.

@bobbyD Hubitat have a location with all the firmware OTA files but could there be a way that we could try and search to see if our device has a update without clicking update firmware?

Basically once you click and confirm the update you go past the point of return. So it would be good if we could search the location for firmwareMT to check if A there is a update and B that the update is correct for the device.

basically some manufacture are crap and happily use the same firmwareMT for all devices below is one that I know there is a update for but wouldn't risk pressing the button. I have bricked devices from the same manufacture because a multi socket has now taken on RAD thermostat value firmware its seems!


Also unless you click the check for firmware button you can't get the frimwareMT line to then check so that is another request that we should be able to fill that in (maybe add it to the configuration) without needing to risk a bad update.

below is an example of a good one and what you get once you press firmware update.