Zigbee Thermostat driver

I have read about the Built-in Zigbee Thermostat driver - but maybe I am missing something - where do you find it? I have just installed one of the centralite pearl thermostats and paired it up.

But when I look at the device it says it's unknown and doesn't have any options.

Am I supposed to install something?

Ok I think I figured it out .. I went into the device and changed its type to Generic Zigbee Thermostat and that seems to have done it...

I could use your help on this so this doesn't happen to the next customer, firstly let me know that the driver works as expected (and yes that is the correct one for that thermostat), which you should know in a jiffy, then, and this is the part that's optional, if you could remove the thermostat then re join it, but this time before moving off of the device discovery page, if you could click the more button, then copy/past that data here, then I can add that to the existing driver, and in the future we have this sorted correctly.

Also, when replacing drivers, particularly zigbee ones, be sure to hit configure in the driver page after changing the driver to be sure that the correct configuration parameters ect are pushed to the device.

You bet ... let me get out the programming manual on joining that was VERY intuitive by them ... lol

yeah, i know...

is that what you're looking for?

I removed the device
Left the network
then started discovery in hubitat
then joined network on pearl.

Finds it right away with the above

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Yes, perfect thanks!


I have another thermostat to add if you want me to try anything.

Has there been any progress with the Zigbee thermostat driver? I have a centralite HA 3156105 and they go for about $25 and they are a killer deal, I plan I’m using them as simple physical thermostats for the keen home vents in different rooms. I cannot, however get the operating state to update. All other functions seem to work fine. I can change the operating state, but it just reports back as unknown.

2.1.7 has an update to the generic driver for the unknown operating state issue.

Thanks Mike! Is this released or still in que? FYI, I somehow did manage to get to to finally sync. I had to change the driver then change back press configure and then I turned on the debug logging. Somehow, it actually seemed like activating the debug logging is what triggered the thermostatiperatingstate to actually update from unknown to actual operating state as nothing else seemed to work.