Zigbee Temp Immersion Sensors

Does anyone know of a Zigbee (or even Z-wave) device that provides for PT1000 immersion temperature sensors? Even better, a device that could have multiple PT1000's that pairs with HE?
I have spent much time with DS18B20's, challenge with them is temperature range, cable length/capacitance, noise susceptibility, durability and field service issues.


I would be surprised if you could find a PT1000 interface as a device or breakout board. Maybe something using a PT100.

You could use a NodeMCU with ogiewon's Hubduino software. It connects to hubitat via WiFi and opens the world of Arduino.

Have you considered thermocouple? I know the accuracy is not the same but they can be calibrated. I don't recall what device but for some reason I think I saw one of the multi-input HA devices mention thermocouple.

I do not know Zigbee based PT1000 device.

If you are willing to go with Arduino DIY, there is a module that you can use to read the PT1000.

As for Zigbee side, I have been making Arduino shield that can allow an Arduino to send data to the hub.

thanks for your responses guys! i was looking to find something that doesn't look like a 12yr old science project...i've spent plenty of time with Arduinos, they work great the problem is compliance (EMC, electrical safety), support and generally looking good/professional (this is not for a home project)
i did find these:

...IMO not a problem for connecting a sensor or two out on a mine site or factory but way overkill for a residential/small commercial implementation which requires maybe 4-10 temp sensors.

Just FYI, Zigbee specification cover whole network stack from phys/mac to application level protocol.

The product on the link does not say anything about HA or ZLL profile which is what would work with our Hub.

There are a few Zigbee products that does not use those two application profile. These Zigbee products would not pair with our Hub.


thanks for reminding me @iharyadi , its easy to overlook stuff like that when you're thinking about the overall application around the device itself. :face_with_monocle:

Probably not in your league, but I took a IRIS V1 contact sensor put it in a waterproof phone box. I weighted the box so it is 75% submerged and hung it on a string in my pool. I get good temp readings and perfect Zigbee reception. I matches the analog thermometer and it's actually more accurate than the Hayward one that is mounted in the plumbing.

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love it :slight_smile: sometimes simple solutions are the best

Great idea. I've been looking for something like this since I began following the white rabbit down the smart home hole. I've got two wild boys that could tear up a ball bearing with a rubber mallet. So I've looking for something like this but even more tamper free. The best I could ever come up with was an aquarium thermometer with the probe dropped into the skimmer basket and some sort of waterproof container on the inside of the lid.

Now I'm thinking a contact sensor in a waterproof bag, wrapped small, and zip tied to the inside side of a skimmer basket.

That may be my project for tonight. I'll report back. Otherwise I'm still on the lookout for pool thermometers and I'm happy to take suggestions.