Zigbee Switches - Leviton DG15S-1BW vs Enbrighten/GE/Jasco 43076

I'm trying to decide between the Leviton DG15S and the Enbrighten/GE/Jasco 43076 Zigbee switches. My goal is to use them as Zigbee range extenders for my upstairs as my hub is in the basement in my network closet and also to use as switches for my bath fans in the two upstairs bathrooms. I'm mostly Leviton Z-Wave dimmers throughout my house so I've never had an issue with my Z-Wave network/range. But do need some help with my Zigbee network/range as I've been adding more and more sensors which are primarily Zigbee (Hue motion, Aqara contact, etc.). Since I still need to purchase smart switches for my bath fans, I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and try and boost my Zigbee network at the same time.

From the descriptions, I've read the following:

"...and is also rated for ½ HP motor loads." - perfect for my bath fans. But is it actually a Zigbee range extender?

"The smart switch also extends your Zigbee signal by up to 150ft."
"Compatible with LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen lights, fans, pumps, and more."

So the Enbrighten seems to hit both requirements but the Leviton only states 1 of 2. Trivial as it is, since I'm mostly Leviton throughout my house it would be nice for consistency to use their Zigbee switches. But if they won't extend the Zigbee range then that's a deal breaker.


To my knowledge, all mains powered zigbee devices will act as repeaters.


True in this case. But not for Sengled bulbs :grin:


I did know this - I have four of them - and knew somebody was going to call me out on it if I didn’t mention it … but I was being lazy. :smiley:


Another exception to the rule - my wife is not mains powered, but she repeats constantly:

  • Please mow the lawn
  • Please clean up the garage
  • Please trim the plants

So there are always more exceptions to a rule than you expect.


I assume she is not zigbee either.


Thanks everyone! Looks like I'm good with either, appreciate the help.

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