Zigbee switch suggestion for Italy

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie looking forward for setting up a new smart environment in my house with HE.
My main requirement is about controlling roller shutters and lights without changing the existing traditional switches/buttons. I am therefore considering to buy swithches like sonoff or shelly or similar that can work hidden under the original plaque.
I prefer zigbee rather that wifi, but I am struggling finding good products that are also compatible with HA.
Does anyone use similar devices with hubitat? Any brand that you guys have used and would recommend?
I live in Italy.
Thank you!

I use Fabiro dimmer 2s and single switchs and I also have a couple of aeotec dimmers and switchs.
They just work, I have them set up with 1way, 2way and 3way Switching so SWMBO can still use the normal switchs and as they sit behind what ever switch u want to use its another win for her.

They can be used in 2 wire or 3 wire installs

Thank you,
have you tried them with roller shutters or curtains as well?
I am trying to figure out if it's better to stick with my idea for zigbee/z-wave or if it's better to go for wifi solutions (shelly devices seem to be cheaper and yet effective), at least for the rollers.

I don't have have any rollers and my curtains are Zigbee - Aqara Smart Curtain Motor ZNCLDJ12LM
Fibaro do a Roller Shutter 3 for curtains and rollers, I've never used it.

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