ZigBee smart meter and Rainforest hub

Most homes now have smart meters that use a variation of ZigBee that we can’t access.

The smart meter reports to a local node which then relays the data to the mothership. These nodes are usually on power poles, and these nodes talk to several smart meters nearby.

Several years ago a device made by Rainforest allowed a consumer to view the data from their smart meter in real time from either an Android or iPhone app or web browser.

This device was not plug and play. Permission from the power company was required and usually granted because it was read only.

My Aeotec energy meter has been reporting, but it would be nice to see what the power company sees.

Some power companies are offering similar devices.

Is there anything in production that interfaces with a smart meter legally?

I do remember a video on YouTube for a DIY way. And then a DIY interface to hubitat would be needed. For me - too much work for too little benefit.

I'd try your power company - they may have daily data that you can access. Mine does but I never cared enough to register. The big companies are encouraged to enhance monitoring to lower usage. They might even have people who know all about these things :wink:

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