Zigbee Smart Bulb Mode Dimmer

I was hoping to get some of the Zigbee Blue series with the Smart Bulb Mode for some Zigbee bulbs I have coming, but I guess I should have done the pre-order. I either wait until march until the next pre-order, or find an alternative.

Any suggestions for a different Zigbee dimmer that supports Smart Bulb mode? (and double tap)

If it was me, I would wait for the Inovelli Blue Series. It is a really great dimmer!


Not sure if it's actually true or not, but Z-Wave Products seems to have some Blues in stock.

Inovelli Blue Series 2-1 Smart Switch / Dimmer — ZWaveProducts

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Thanks! I had seen they had them in stock back in Dec, emailed inquiring about actual stock and never heard back. But I called this morning and was told they do indeed have them in stock!

And of course no one now has the White Aux switch in stock..... LOL

I think they got a small cut of the most recent order that arrived sometime in Dec -- most of that order was used directly by Inovelli to send out replacements.

Going forward, orders from the factory should have wider availability but I'm not sure when the next big order is due in.

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